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Goethe quote

The common Westerner, and especially the common American, fancy themselves as free men when in reality they are enslaved in a matrix of lies. ‘None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free’, said Goethe.

Take for example the case of the root cause of mental disorders. Almost every Westerner believes in the pseudoscience of psychiatry, which blames the victim’s brain, when in fact the cause is the hells that parents put their children in (the subject of my series of books, of which Letter to mom Medusa is just the first).

Another matter: I have had fatty liver and when I was living in Spain a state doctor asked me if I missed my drinks, though in fact I’ve never been a heavy drinker. Only to this day did I find out, thanks to a YouTuber whose videos I recently linked on this site, that fatty liver is due to an excessive intake of sugars.

In economics we have the same situation. The common normie doesn’t even know the difference between money and currency. What better than to pass the microphone to Mike Maloney to explain this subject: ‘Money must be a store value. Gold and silver have maintained their value throughout the centuries and so they are the only currencies we call money. Fiat currency is not… has never been… and will never be… money. Treat this truth as gospel, and you’ll be ahead of 99.9 percent of the population’.

Silver and gold are running out because wise people (0.1%) are preparing for the coming debacle. Are you in that category?

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Although born in a Lutheran family, two centuries ago Goethe described himself as ‘not anti-Christian, nor un-Christian, but most decidedly non-Christian’.

Just compare Goethe with what American racialists are saying. Today Lutheran Brad Griffin (a.k.a., Hunter Wallace) said in his Occidental Dissent:

Here are a few things that ARE NOT China’s fault:

* The decline of Christianity in America which has left the public ignorant of how God has repeatedly sent plagues throughout history

Keep always in mind that when a white Christian like Griffin speaks of ‘God’ he has in mind the god of the Jews…

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