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Virus – advice for boomers

According to this doc, Vitamin D reduces the probability of respiratory tract infections, such as the Chinese virus (I dislike the World Health Organization’s term, COVID-19). I just started taking daily 10-minute sunbaths on the roof of my house. Hope it helps…

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Thanks for this video. Infectious diseases are not viral or bacterial “in origin” as the doctor says. They are the consequence of deep internal sickness – so mother Nature comes along with bacteria, viruses and parasites to deal with the mess, i.e., they show up one way or another to help us stay alive. This is a purposeful Universe. It does not dump “evil entities” onto us out of malevolence. “Infectious” disease is not random.

Then why promote Vitamin D if infectious-type disease strikes randomly and we can’t do anything about it except fixate on endless handwashing? What is the Dr. talking about if not strengthening ourselves to be less susceptible? Why bother? Why sit in the sunshine?

Oh, go on then – spend your days and nights scrubbing your hands with disinfectant soap like those people with obsessive compulsive disorder.

I feel I am lucky because almost daily I take a sunbath on my terrace in southern Spain.
People say that the sunrays are harmful between 14 and 17 hrs, but I enjoy the sun even then I trust my body and relax completely in this bath of lifegiving warmth and on top of it it sterilizes a lot of germs .

I am really a sun worshipper.

The medical myth that sunshine causes cancer is a neochristian idea.

Chemical sunscreen is the main cause of skin cancer.

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