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Judea v. Rome

PDF preface

Update of August 31:

Since I have now modified the Preface I’m removing the text that used to be on this post.

A slow and detailed proof reading of the translated mini-books by Evropa Soberana within The Fair Race is taking longer than expected. Instead of the Preface that used to be here, I’m moving my first comment below into this entry:

‘The battle between Rome and Judea’, says Richard Spencer (1:14:32 in the August 25, 2019 Radix podcast) ‘is a battle fought in the field of morality. That was Nietzsche’s crucial insight. The blond beast could not be confronted directly. He had to be turned into a guilt-ridden head case’ by the transvaluation of all values, said Spencer with other words.

‘So this political overthrow that occurred on the end of the Ancient World’, concludes Spencer, ‘was a moral battle. And morality itself is will to power. Morality itself is an attempt to dominate someone mentally, supernaturally I could say’.

I guess the alt-right and this site are starting to converge…

5 replies on “PDF preface”

Nietzsche sought to overthrow all morality when all that was really necessary was throwing out the paltry pity ethics which had falsely become esteemed as virtue. He is an example of a creative type gone rogue, despite being the first Western philosopher to call for Europe’s return to itself.
The battle between Rome and Judea was about overcoming social prejudices and the Romans lost their adherents to Christianity precisely because they failed to maintain the social aspect.
By placing emphasis on morality (not to be confused with ethics), which corrupts religion (not to be considered synonymous with morality) down to it’s very roots, Spencer has demonstrated his Christian values sufficiently. Morality is satanism.

@Janus Quirinus:

It’s not that morality, per se is “satanic” but the problem is more to do with the fact that a lot of time people attribute or promote a religious value or Moralist movement associated with it in an effort to unnaturally place force on human behavior.

True morality, if you will, is innate, I don’t believe it exactly can be taught, but it can surely only be cultivated of its own will in a society that is racially consistent.

The breakdown of morality will begin in a society that does not practice eugenics and allows an experimental basis / free for all, like America does, where everything good or bad for the race is allowed to thrive.

This is off topic, but I think this might be of interest to you considering what you have written about pre-columbian Mexico.


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