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Quotable quotes


I’ve spent this day
adding quotable quotes
on my Twitter account.

3 replies on “Quotes”

Many of these tweets place the burden of guilt on whites, who willingly empowered the Jews (Jews never conquered Europe or the US by force). There’s only a minute worth of listening carefully in the next clip: what these Jews say between 16:38 and 17:25:


But American Christians still worship those whose Talmud openly says that we Goyim must be slaves, right? Who’s the real problem: the empowerers or the empowered?

The empowerers, of course.

The weak white man has become too acustomed to comfort and greed for so long that it fells into temptation of power, wealth and lust for darker flesh too easily.

The first and ultimately step to save the white woman, is to make the man accepts all that is happening now is his fault, for being so weak to comfort and greed.

Stop blaming someone else. If the merchant offers you poison and you buy it, is your own fault.

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