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Christian art

Axe of Perun’s exchange

Below, Christ at the Column
Antonello da Messina, 1477

Commenter said: ‘Great articles! [deleted articles by Perun in Renegade Tribune debunking Christianity]. I know people are gonna get all stupid about this, saying that this does nothing but harm the movement, blah blah blah… I for one, care only for truth. The truth hurt me bad when it hit me years ago, but in hindsight it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve come to see that the Abrahamic “god” is truly unworthy of worship and indeed has brought humanity down into a very confused state’.

Axe of Perun said: Seeking the Truth is in our Nature. None of us is doing this with the intent of harming our confused European brethren, “Christians”—we are doing this so that we may finally breathe again properly. Good comment, thanks!

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Recently I removed hundreds of categories (see on sidebar those who weren’t removed), including the category of Axe of Perun’s articles. But the Perun category still exists on the backup of this site (here).

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