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Game of Thrones

The Power of Stories


How Bran the Broken was always the ending

by Yezen IRL

Given the massive controversy and confusion around King Bran, and the ending of Game of Thrones, I figured I would give a brief explanation why Bran the Broken was always GRRM’s endgame, what this means for the story, and what it says about fate, free will, justice, and the stories that bring people together:

Melissa Krauss: I really did like this summary. Instead of criticizing, you explained how it really did fit the book. It did make a lot of sense. I’m glad that you showed this perspective.

Adrian du Plessis: A fantastic level-headed insight that enriched my experience of the show and renewed my excitement for the upcoming books. Thank you.

Nicole Cox: Well done! You gave a reasonable analysis of themes that were underdeveloped… But, nevertheless, present if we look for them.

Loopy Luppy: I would very much appreciate it if you were to continue this channel as I love your perspective on this show and would love to see it on others!

Kimseungsoofan: I loved Bran since the beginning and it made me happy to see him as the king, but what made fans mad was the build up!

Undertow: You know, I wasn’t a fan of the writing for the past couple of seasons mainly because of the rushed pace and the way they tossed the last two books aside, but it sure is refreshing to find a channel that stays positive and tries to find hope in the things we got. And considering you have read the books it sure is great you interpreted the spirit of the plot points… so thank you and keep up the amazing work!

Al Rezz: You make me love GOT again! I am going to rewatch it!


D&D: Were we right? In what we wrote?
RR: What WE wrote.
D&D: It doesn’t feel right.
RR: Ask me again in 10 years.

Ty Hijau: I was hooked on your channel since watching your last video about Bran being crowned king, well before the end of the series. Don’t know if I have ever come across another channel where the creator uses this level of critical thinking and analysis…please, keep it up. There are some out there, like me, who do appreciate this content. All your videos have been top notch!

Abilyn: Your perspective is the comfort needed for this end… Thank you.

Daniel Polanco: Thank you for appreciating and delve into the reasons for Bran’s kingship when everyone else seems enraged by it. This final season (and your video essays) gave me all the more reasons to dive into the books I’ve been holding back from ever since I started watching the show. Cheers.

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My two cents: Why am I posting so many posts about GoT?

Because of what I said a couple of days ago: ‘Jews win because they have a story. Whites lose because nowadays they’ve lost their story’.

It is high time for the white race to recover their stories, starting perhaps with Pierce’s Who We Are. Otherwise, the Jews will continue to win.