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Civil war

What is The Base?

by Roman Wolf ∭

• The Base is a fraternal network of self-defense and survivalist trainers, students and enthusiasts.

• Our purpose is to share and develop knowledge, skills, and abilities for the benefit of network participants.

• The Base organizes and sponsors training events worldwide through local chapters.

• Participation is open to all nationalists including members of other nationalist organizations.

• The Base strives to serve as a platform for like­ minded nationalists to meet in real life and build camaraderie.

• Participation is free but donations are welcomed to cover costs for training events and facilities.

9 replies on “What is The Base?”

twitter the only way to connect? c’mon. i don’t have a twitter account and i won’t get one. further, not a good idea to entertain subversive visions using system media products. from the start, you guys should commit to staying off of enemy supply chains.

I believe Spear to be a fed because of his connections to the U.S military and his general looseness concerning privacy. Anyone who just appears on to the scene like that almost always turns out to be an agent. The way his colleagues at the Base dress looks eerily similar to degenerated groups like Atomwaffen with the skull masks, almost like someone preparing for a false flag. Even the name “The Base” is essentially the same as Al-Qaeda once translated.
I don’t know the man but he seems just too convenient for rooting out potential dissidents.

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