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Porphyry of Tyre Psychology

William James’ principle

The phenomenon of groupthink has always intrigued me. As a child there were movies and television shows where only whites appeared. Now invariably the cast is multiracial. When I was a kid there was no degenerate music. Now it is everywhere. When I was a child, it was very rare that someone divorced and it was understood that women would submit to their husbands after marriage. Today, divorce and tearing children from their father is daily bread. When I was a child, the word gay meant cheerful. Today it has an entirely different meaning. We used to see open homosexuality and transsexuals as an extreme pathology. Now they are idealised to the degree of making laws against those who criticise them.

Why the masses of whites do not see that their civilization suffers from a devilish psychotic breakdown, analogous to the breakdown of 1,600 years ago that throughout the Roman Empire began to tear down the temples, destroy the beautiful statues and burn the libraries of ancient knowledge? A big chunk of the answer is the disastrous role played by the Semites both in antiquity and today. But the current folie en masse is so wicked that pure Jewish subversion does not explain all of it. It takes two to tango.

It is incomparably more difficult to understand the treachery that whites have been committing with themselves than to understand the subversive tribe. I do not claim that I have all the answers. But part of the answer is the degeneration that comes with the imperial phase of a great Western culture, as Thomas Cole painted so well in the 1830s.

But there’s more than that. The groupthink of whites has had truly pathological moments. How was it possible that, throughout the Middle Ages, only Duns Scotus questioned the Christian doctrine of eternal torture with which whites have been committing self-harm for so long? In groupthink what counts is how we place ourselves internally before the opinion of others. In children’s stories a boy is enough to say that the king is naked. In the real world whites kill the child who says two plus two equals four (for example, destroying all copies of Porphyry’s great book that refuted Christianity in its origins).

Behind the groupthink is the great finding of William James, ‘The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated’. It is this principle that moves whites to the phenomenon of virtue signalling: if I join the ethos of the masses, I will be appreciated, even if it is a suicidal ethos.

Runaway ethno-suicide has happened in the two moments of psychotic breakdown that the West has suffered: In times when (1) Porphyry’s fears became reality, and (2) in my own lapse of life when whites were sane as a child and then turned themselves, with extraordinary ferocity, into self-destructive psychotics.

If we illustrate James’ deepest principle in human nature with the case of white nationalists, we will see that it applies to them too.

Last Thursday we implied that Greg Johnson’s most recent book suffered from reticence precisely because Greg wants to be appreciated not only by the nationalist community, but by non-nationalists as well. In the comment thread of that article in The Occidental Observer Armor commented that he could not talk about how the ethnic cleansing of Western countries should take place for fear that the commenter was banned.

In this website I don’t give a damn to be appreciated: I tell the truth without taboos and I don’t care if they consider me a madman for my exterminationist ideas. (Recall that a high IQ mulatto like Obama uses his white genes to destroy whites, so it should be obvious what to do with them once the neo-Nazis take over.)

The mysterious mind of suicidal whites has to do not only with the paintings of Thomas Cole linked above and with Christian ethics, but with the virtue signalling that the degenerated white practices: an abject groupthink due to James’ principle.

If we begin to know ourselves, as the oracle of Delphi advised, it is possible to start the exit of this folie en masse that whites currently suffer. We should not mind ‘being appreciated’ but speak out like the child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense. Or isn’t it true that to reach the kingdom we must become like children again?

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This principle doesn’t seem to have had any guiding influence over me in my life. I’ve always said what I thought without any consideration for popularity. Maybe the autistic mind is immune to the need to virtue signal.

I’ll admit I’m not too familiar with Indian History (dot not feather) but the same kind of insanity must have gripped the Whites there as we can see that they browned out. While Christianity seems to be a particularly virulent mind virus, it appears that Whites have a particular susceptibility to any kind of universality, be it religious or political. I suspect it’s the downside to the fact that Whites can make these strange mental leaps, which can be seen in our technical advances.

“nutty…universalist principles…” an overwhelming tendency of the White mind to universalist, metaphysical principles is both a strength and definitely an existential weakness. From this tendency the Aryan mind has discovered the universal laws of physics, Pythagorean and Archimedean mathematics, etc. While not an overwhelming fan of Julius Evola he said something like mystical, metaphysical thinking has to be anchored to the concrete. Or otherwise you get Buddha’s nutty universalist principles and Plato’s nutty gender equality stuff in The Republic.

The Aryan Mind has an unmatched capacity for imaginative (abstract, metaphysical) thinking which gives birth to high art and new technology. Supposedly average jewish and Chinese IQ’s are higher than average White IQ’s but they are not creative races. The ceo of PayPal on a recent study tour of China met with senior leaders and they openly admitted that they do little innovative R&D; ‘acquire’ new technologies and further develop & mass market them.

“Virtus” was devotion to the Roman State, the Roman Senate and to the Roman people… and to these alone. Joseph Whelass describes a pre-christian rome that was a comparative paradise, built on in-group virtus in comparison to the Christian madness that followed. The white elites seemed to care about the white working class… probably for the first time ever. Devotion to the proletariat was part of Roman virtus.

However, even before the Christianising of Rome virtus had begun to take a universalist character.

When Rome became an empire, absorbing different races under its dominion, it sealed its doom. Once these other races became citizens then virtus slowly died (racial nationalism) and society became universalist (aka civic nationalism.) Then it’s the slide into oblivion when that happens. From that perspective America really does look like a modern Rome. Empire is strictly a ‘one ring’ phenomenon and needs to be avoided at all costs.

Thomas Cole saw it all right since the 19th century. Empire is only good if you exterminate all non-whites from the conquered lands, which is why I believe that William Pierce ought to be the guru of the WN movement (unfortunately WNsts stick to Xtian ethics, which considers extermination immoral).

C.T. says…
“A big chunk of the answer is the disastrous role played by the Semites both in antiquity and today. But the current folie en masse is so wicked that pure Jewish subversion does not explain all of it. It takes two to tango.”

Ben Klassen said pretty much the same thing:

“Without a doubt the most difficult obstacle in the White Man’s struggle to save himself from destruction and mongrelization by the colored races is the strange and perverted attitude of the White Man towards himself. The main problem now is not overcoming the Jews or the blacks, but strictly a matter of straightening out the White Man’s thinking.”

Natures Eternal Religion
— Ben Klassen – 1973

Mr. Klassen also answered the question
“Christian… or Not a Christian?”
A White religion for the White Race !

The Delphi oracle was just one of many sources throughout the ages sounding the imperative to “know thy self.” These three simple words have perhaps the deepest significance of all esoteric teachings. It is where one begins. The self is a point one cannot progress beyond until they have achieved the essential knowledge of truly knowing what thyself means. To know thy self, is to recognize , one’s shortcomings, one’s strengths, one’s weaknesses. but most importantly, the reason behind one’s desires

Until one knows who and what they are, what they are made of, they will remain a rudderless ship foundering on the shoals of of tragedy and misery. The problem with knowing they self, is people are born with the smug belief they already know themselves, when in fact they have no clue as to who, or what, or even where they truly are. They have no idea of their relevance or irrelevance in this world. Even more critical is that they do not, they cannot, comprehend the consequences of their actions, especially in the long term – like eternity.

I remember my first acid trip as being the first major departure from the comfortable life I had previously inhabited. It happened at my first duty station; Basic Electronic School, twenty-nine “stumps” California, located deep in the Mojave Desert. There is perhaps no better place to drop acid then in the desert.

Once again, I had the Marines to thank for those elucidative acid trips; otherwise I would never been there dancing with Lucy in the sky inside Mr. Owsley’s purple haze. Everyone – everyone – told me there were two major rules for tripping. Rule one, Never trip alone. Rule two, Never trip in the dark. I broke all the rules and found myself in the bizarre position of seeing myself as I really was. It was my first encounter with knowing myself. Not how I previously thought I was, but how I really – truly – was.

It was as if a rational, impartial, third party were calmly viewing me while knowing my deepest, darkest, ugliest secrets. I was looking deep inside myself from an outsider’s perspective. It is a difficult situation to explain. One must experience it to understand and appreciate the effect.

It was an unnerving experience. I was truly an ugly person; selfish, mean-spirited, jealous, arrogant, ignorant, haughty – the list goes on. Seven was just the beginning number for my sins. Name a human fault and that was I in spades. “I” – that’s the problem.

Worse however was that I could not escape myself. I kept following me everywhere, with all my hideous traits in tow. I just wanted to quit seeing myself, but could not. I suspect this is a major cause of many suicides while tripping on LSD.

I was never quite the same after that experience and while I took many more “trips,” I never had another experience as enlightening as that one. It set me on my path to find out the meaning of human existence. What the hell are ugly, stupid, ignorant people like me doing here anyway?

I began examining different religions, but came up short every time. None of the religions had any real answers. They all had pretty words and feel good platitudes that led nowhere but back to where I began. It seemed I could not pass go on life’s grand Monopoly board.

Then I was given this small volume.

I was baffled by the stories; they made no sense. Yet something in those stories kept me coming back and the book was so small, I could easily carry it with me, so I did – for years.

It took years to fathom what I was reading, to decode the essence of these very short stories. In time, that one small volume expanded to hundreds, many of them from the same author. I have loaned that book out many times and often wound up buying another copy. I’m around number twelve at this point.

That small volume led me to a realm far beyond any acid trip. It began my journey towards a different life, a journey that never ends until it does. One thing is certain, along the way, I know myself.


Post Script: Like snowflakes, every path is different. While our paths might cross, my path cannot be your path. Therefore, I am not recommending this book. I assure you what I found there, you will not.

“appreciated”, I’d say that “for approbation” is more appropriate.

What the left wants is the political power to carry their ideology to its logical conclusion. They are acting in accord with their beliefs and they mean to exterminate anyone who does not hold to their idiotic ideals. In their turn; they will be exterminated by religious faith.

the idiotic inquisitional reflexive behavior of the left shows their ideology is simply a religion. zero clinical data showing any investigations into the science of their tenets. who says egalitarianism is a law of nature? (and of course as a relgion, the leftists will burn down any institution and destroy any career that disagrees w/ their juvenile nonsensical belief system grounded in vain imaginings. no wonder they love hollywood and its story telling products and celebs. and an accompanying joke? they criticize christianity, yet another fuking stupid ideology bearing no clinical evidence/ data of being grounded in the laws of nature.)

Left wing is the secular mutation of christian ethics, all the stuff that you accuse of left , are the morals of Christianity in its secular manifestation.

Left-ism is a speciation; a series of mutations that separates it from orthodox or supernatural Christianity, however Christianity is Left-ism’s parent stock.

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