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Antichrist (book) Friedrich Nietzsche Immanuel Kant Philosophy

The Antichrist § 10

Germans understand me immediately when I say that philosophy has been corrupted by theologian blood…

What German philosophy really is—an underhanded theology…

Why were Germans so convinced that Kant marked a change for the better? The theologian instinct of the German scholar had guessed just what was possible again: a hidden path to the old ideal lay open…

Kant’s success is just a theologian success: Kant, like Luther, like Leibniz, was one more drag on an already precarious German sense of integrity —

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Kant et all were charlatans—something that not even WNsts like Greg Johnson, who has a Ph.D. in philosophy, apparently wants to see.

To understand this always remember that so-called ‘non-Xtian’ Greggy used to deliver pious homilies in his San Francisco church.

In some way or another, secular WNsts continue to be Xtians.

The system doesn’t grant a PhD to anyone who would threaten it. PhDs are conformist individuals, tackeys who are invested in perpetuating the system, not abolishing it. They are poodles awarded a prize for jumping through hoops, a trick taught to them by other poodles who jumped through hoops before them — the PhD a doggie bone awarded only to the most obedient doggies who have been trained to perform in ways the system considers non-threatening. As Ellul says in a remark I quoted previously, the system aims in this way to prevent the rise of another Hitler. Public schooling is its method of channeling energies to increase its control even further and, above all, to forestall rebellion against it.

Your last statement about schooling hits the nail. I’ve thought the same for decades. Present-day schooling is not only charlatanry: it produces masses of humans like cookies: all exactly of the same mold.

Schooling is worse than something shameful. It’s the worst kind of brainwashing and programming: the scourge of the white man.

That’s why they need Ritalin and other drugs to force independent children into the programming system.

Shame on all those WNsts who don’t want to see something so obvious.

and the tax exempt jew endowments to their schools of choice serve primarily to increase the tribal representation in the corp ranks. while the rest if us idiot whities tow the line and submit to the horror of the the public education prisons. and for the majority of us, that experience serves in a variety of ways to sexualize us and wreck– or at least greatlyl lower — our chances at a “normal” peaceful/ motivated/ happy/ creative adult live, producing products as artisan/ merchants. instead whitie battles a life long sex addiction, patronizing the hollywood jew products while screwing the hell our of current wives, divorcing them and then repeating this totally fuked up behavior. (one thing remaining: i will not be buried in a jew cemetery per the jew protocol of burying the dead in a casket after a sordid/ crazy/ horror show viewing of my painted up dead body by a jew mortician. and then sealed in a concrete fuking box. rather, into the wilds where the animals can feed on me and my carbon footprint can feed nature.)

and the central xtian mantra the luv of money == the tap root of evil like its central liturgy of symbolic drinkng blood and eating flesh of child sacrifice is utter nonsense. jew malware programming to attempt to ensure a forever supply of ultra low wage xtian slaves. fukers. (of course the xtian slaves can choose to not sell themselves! like their good jew overlords.)

(while the jew cranks out their signature virtue signalling with name-bearing tax exempt philanthropic foundations and university endowments while their wives administer the home front with massive mansions competing in designer showcase annual events. sordid overclassers.)

who defines that mammon has a damned thing to do — in any way — with “moral” — whatever the hell that is — values? other than how specific societies define their rule of law game rules? shit, that jeffry boy bezos affirms amazon’s hiring practice of low wages so that many of their parttime wage slavers must supplement their low wages w/ gu’ment food stamps. fuking jew genetically-fueled culture of slavery. nuthin new w/ that culture of civility.

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