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Bible Final solution

Tough question

Let us put it simply this way:
If the entire destruction of the Jew involves the destruction of the Bible—will you people be able to do it? From all I can see, all Bible believers are unable to do so. They don’t even care about the Jew behind it. They love the Bible more than they hate the Jew who made it.
And that is our greatest weakness.

Axe of Perun

2 replies on “Tough question”

a quick & dirty/ easy answer: xtianity’s sacred tome has survived this long. through much stealing/ killing/ destroying, world wide. what’s the likelihood of it ever going extinct, except with the destruction of the planet, as what happened with neanderthals. (or is the neander a groupie-driven myth, too?)

“…When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant
You don’t know me from the wind
You never will, you never did
I’m the little Jew
Who wrote the Bible

I’ve seen the nations rise and fall
I’ve heard their stories, heard them all…
“…It’s over, it ain’t going any further
And now the wheels of heaven stop
You feel the devil’s riding crop
Get ready for the future: It is murder
“…There’ll be the breaking of the ancient western code
Your private life will suddenly explode
There’ll be phantoms, there’ll be fires on the road
And the white man dancing
You’ll see your woman hanging upside down
Her features covered by her fallen gown
And all the lousy little poets coming round
Trying to sound like Charlie Manson
Yeah the white man dancing
“…Give me back the Berlin wall
Give me Stalin and St. Paul
Give me Christ
Or give me Hiroshima…”

-(((Leonard Cohen))), The Future
“Hiroshima it will be then, Jew!”

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