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Axiology Der Antichrist (book) Friedrich Nietzsche Theology

The Antichrist § 9

Wherever the influence of theologians is felt, value judgements are turned on their heads and the concepts ‘true’ and ‘false’ are necessarily inverted: whatever hurts life the most is called ‘true’, and whatever improves, increases, affirms, justifies life and makes it triumph is called ‘false’…

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I know that you always shy away from my moral questions, but I’ll ask anyway. What is a more masculine behaviour towards your enemies, castrating them or not castrating?
On the one hand, you can say castrating means you recognize your opponents penis as the source of their strength that you fight.
But on the other, you might say there should be some “male solidarity” of sorts, and that the Holy Penis should always remain unscarred in the conflict.
Either way, whenever a Christian movie depicts castration as a punishment for rape, I see it as a case of great corruption of values. Healthy (=manly) cultures always punished the raped, not the rapist.

For the encouragement of white supremacy, Islam would be a distinct improvement over Christianity. The Arab slave traders castrated their male negroes. If our Christian ancestors had had the will and foresight to do that, the current race problem in the US wouldn’t exist. White Christians, by contrast, invite stud negroes to fuck their women, as they did at Baylor U. Do you hate feminism? Feminism, which along with anti-racism is the other face of Christian egalitarianism, is practically non-existent in Islamic countries, so the Islamization of the West would probably get rid of that plague too. Do you love the police and law and order? Then shariah law may be just the ticket. Nothing says “Don’t be a fag!” like tossing fags off rooftops; nothing says “Don’t steal!” like cutting a thief’s hand off. It’s the religion that cultural conservatives have been dreaming of, but have been too weak to embrace. How ironic that it may eventually be forced on them by “liberals”.

the enemy of my enemy is my friend.ubermenschers do not want or need pseudo friends: islamer’s are abrahamic mythers, too. uber’s respect nature and its constructs as sovereign. anything else, toss it. which brings us back to, “does nature make mistakes?” are some fags in the same class as harlequin ichthyosis? (as some are certainly the result of early childhood abuse.) and what if nature makes mistakes? then uber’s must allow natural mistakes. gets impossible very quickly.

Why do you persist in finding solutions in anything but something that has proven itself as a way of life for Aryan society, National Socialism? I would really like to know that.
As if National Socialism DID like feminism, DID promote faggotry, DIDN’T punish criminals, WASN’t racist, WASN’T about law and order or anything you can come up with,
BTW, do you love the halal – = kosher – torturing of animals? Then islam indeed is your religion. Do you hate education, science and technological advancement and like backwardness? Then indeed Islam is just the thing for you.
Perhaps this is why you promote this all the time? Because you are a Muslim?
And don’t repeat the “National Socialism-was-a-failure-because-in–the-end-it-could-not-withstand-the-overwhelmingly-and-OVERnumbered-military-power-of-the-jew/shabbo-Allies” crap.
Because if you do, then what to think of the Islamic world which has been smashed over and over again by an overwhelmingly OUTnumbered military force.

“And don’t repeat the “National Socialism-was-a-failure-because-in–the-end-it-could-not-withstand-the-overwhelmingly-and-OVERnumbered-military-power-of-the-jew/shabbo-Allies” crap.”
Yes, NS Germany losing WWII was certainly very admirable. Anyone who wants to discover why it happened — you know, actual reasons, instead of just yelling “JEWS!” — is clearly a Muslim.
These are brilliant insights. Keep up the good work!

“These are brilliant insights. Keep up the good work!”
As usual none of the points I addressed to counter your, in this case, supposed reasons for why we should become Muslims are mentioned.
The reason why NS Germany lost WWII, which was totally imposed on them by the jew/shabbo capitalist empire, is an extremely simple one. Not that that BTW has anything to do with why we should become backward, animal torturing third worlders like for instance, these Muslims you praise! But it is certainly nothing so complicated that it would require a ‘discovery’ to understand. Because NS Germany was destroyed PRECISELY because it worked so well and would become a threat to this jew/shabbo capitalist empire. But that too is of course far too simple for you who just lives to overcomplicate things and as a result of that produces hot air by the gallon.
So whenever I have the time, I will indeed keep up my good work, because it exposes the hot air you try to sell as deep insights. And for that one doesn’t need to be brilliant. All it requires is common sense.

Hitler’s views on Islam were quite comparable to the ones I express above. According to Speer in Inside the Third Reich (p. 98), he frequently would lament that Charles Martel had won the Battle of Tours, since otherwise Europe would have adopted Islam instead of Christianity, and Germany would have wound up at the head of the Mohammedan Empire. In Table Talks (p. 667) he says the same thing:

Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers
—already, you see, the world had fallen into the hands of the
Jews, so gutless a thing was Christianity!—then we should in
all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that
cult which glorifies heroism and which opens the seventh
Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races
would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented
them from doing so.

[Hätte bei Poitiers nicht Karl Martell gesiegt: Haben wir schon die jüdische Welt auf uns genommen – das Christentum ist so etwas Fades -, so hätten wir viel eher noch den Mohammedanismus übernommen, diese Lehre der Belohnung des Heldentums: Der Kämpfer allein hat den siebenten Himmel! Die Germanen hätten die Welt damit erobert, nur durch das Christentum sind wir davon abgehalten worden.]

In other words, aryan son, you are, as ever, full of shit.

No, I’m not. You however are.
Anyone who thinks Hitler would have praised a semitic desert-cult worshipping a semitic god i.o.w. changing the one semitic god worshipping cult for another is.
I have never read Speer’s ” Inside the Third Reich ” and ‘m glad I didn’t because this quote alone qualifies it as utter jibberish “Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world” since the Germanic races didn’t need to conquer the world because the Germanic races already had conquered the world.
BTW, it looks that these Alex Jones types that always play the-evil-nadzees-won-the-war-after-all-and-are-still-secretly-running-things-behind-the-scenes crap are right after all then, according to you that is. I mean, just look at Germany and the rest of Western Europe and Britain importing millions upon millions of Muslims and building literally thousands of mosques all over Europe. They are just continuing Hitler life’s work I suppose?
Nice try, Spahn

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