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George Lincoln Rockwell James Mason

Siege, 27

Defining the radical extreme

The question of who, and which, is the farthest out? For what reasons and towards what purpose? Among these types would be included all of the pioneers, the ground-breakers, the innovators, the outrageous, the unpopular, the unprofitable, the dangerous, the controversial, the misunderstood, and those in advance of their times. It’s been said that the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, that the only aberration is abstention. What all of this does on the practical side amounts to the elimination of the surprise element, minimizes the chance of disillusionment, builds confidence and self-reliance, and helps gain for one the mastery of almost any situation. It also rids us of the cowards and fakers, as well as opportunists, as they can’t use it or hide behind it.
We can tolerate being regarded as inhabiting the far reaches of the outer limits if it means never being caught dragging behind anyone else. It behooves us to smile at those who today disparage our message if by our so doing we are striking out on the course that they themselves must one day follow. We would be fools and cowards to shirk the task and take for granted that someone else might take it up in our stead. We have so little to lose at this point and so much to gain; our prime enemies being stagnation, dogma, and muddle. It requires some daring and imagination to become the vanguard of a movement, and to remain so takes constant reappraisal and re-evaluation.
Had not Commander Rockwell taken the bull by the horns and risked everything—his “good name” as a conservative—over twenty years ago, where today would the Racialist Movement in the United States be? What was in 1960 the most dynamic and futuristic thinking, today is shared by practically one and all. But it was only through the supreme sacrifice of one man who was able to see farther than the rest in his own time. And still the situation demands more, far more. We could easily have another twenty years of marching ahead of us but it cannot be direction-less marching and it cannot be marching in circles.
People like to stay with what’s comfortable, especially those with a broad conservative streak in them. People dislike the shit-disturbers. However, comfort and routine do not make revolution. Where once Gus Hall was a firebrand with the power to shock the pants off all of us, today he is an old fogy. Seems as though all our REAL National Socialist leaders die in battle before they get the chance to atrophy thus. Maybe we are blessed in that manner. What we want—and what we believe we have achieved—is to make NSLF synonymous with the radical extreme, and when you seek to define the radical extreme, you need only recite those four letters to have it completely summed up.

Vol. XI, #7 – July, 1982

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Your best bet previously would have been to ask the people on the website Siege Culture. Unfortunately, it has been taken down. Now, I don’t know where else to look.

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