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Der Antichrist (book) Friedrich Nietzsche

The Antichrist § 2

The weak and the failures should perish: first principle of our love of humanity. And they should be helped to do this.
What is more harmful than any vice? – Active pity for all failures and weakness – Christianity…

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What does he mean by active pity?
Recently, a channel came up in my recommended section on YT. It was a channel called Kyle Incel. Why this sad shit was recommended to me I will never know, however, this bloke inspired I me a great amount of pity. My only two hopes for him was that he either became a proper man (the closest approximation a young person can come to nowadays) or that he would kill himself.
I noticed his channel was quite old and after watching about 3 videos, I heard that he committed suicide. He also left a post on Reddit before doing so. He has not made a video since so I would say that he ended his “life”.
Strangely enough, this weakling inspired great pity in me. I hoped that he could kill himself so his pathetic existence could come to an end, and so he would be free forever.
Is it bad that I felt sorry for him?

What does he mean by active pity?

Perhaps I should have reproduced another translation of the same sentence: ‘Practical sympathy for the botched and the weak’.

I feel genuine pity for people who have suffered as a direct result of societal dysfunction who, otherwise, may be relatively productive members of the race.
I can’t say for certain this individual was one of those, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

And that is what is so ad about it: These people end up this way due to factors that are almost fully beyond their control. Society literally made them this way: Weak in body and mind, and they just have a sickening aura surrounding them.
This is like the whole Jewish power or Aryan submissiveness debate. Should we blame society completely for the way they have ended up, or blame them for not choosing the option of self improvement?
Personally, I think both is to blame, however, I can’t help but feel pity, perhaps even sympathy for these types of people. Not all of them join ANTIFA you know. And this Kyle Incel, whose name was also Unicornlover69 was the type who never found a place in this world. This is why I hope he killed himself. He could finally find peace and be happy.
Supposedly he posted: “I’m not asking for any kind of sympathy or even messages. I’m just so relieved that it will finally be over and I have no one else to express that with. So by 9 PM Eastern Time I’ll be gone and far better off. I just can’t stand the way that strangers look at me anymore. I don’t think I can stand a whole lifetime of this so I will just have to checkout early. Thank you all for listening to my rants and thank you all for reading this post. Goodbye and I wish you all the best in your lives.”
I would call his behaviour and his attitude weak. But I am still happy for him.
There is a video where Jordan Peterson talks about the lack of encouragement of young men in society. He tears up while saying this, and I can understand why. This is what society is doing to the males of our Race: Turning them into pathetic and useless little Gollums. However, I think it is also the fault of the parents. What Father in his right mind would do nothing as his son ends up this way? What Father wants a weak son? If the Father left him with his deranged Mother then he is still a bad Father. These single Mothers should just put these children up for adoption. Make sure they end up with a heterosexual family.
This is why we need something to show the young White men that people care about them and tells them why they shouldn’t take this path. I think AWD is doing a good job of this. Siege Culture also has some good messages, though they do post Mason’s CI work.

“Active Pity” – pity that is out of all proportion, a transvaluation. The weak and failures should be allowed to pass away naturally, not actively sustained to the detriment of a healthy society; and moralized as “humanity”.

Yes, that makes sense. But what does Nietzsche mean by the weak and the failures? What type of person is he imagining? It is hard for me to fully envision these people because he lived in a very different time. What he perceives as the weak and the failures would be different to my perception. Basically, we would be thinking of two different sorts of people who fit that label.

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