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Friedrich Nietzsche

Not a Nietzsche scholar

Writing on Occidental Dissent, in his most recent article Hunter Wallace wrote: ‘There is a strong vein of nihilism that runs through the Alt-Right. If I had to identify its sources, it seems to spring largely from Nietzschean philosophy…’ One of the Christian commenters said: ‘What is needed is an embrace of Orthodox Christianity and its theology’.
Well, well. Wallace might be a good scholar on American history but certainly not on Nietzsche.
One of the things that bothers me most about our time is that the Jews and the academic gentiles quote Nietzsche with a spin in which they put him exactly as the opposite that he represented. As before I became openly racist I read a lot about Nietzsche, I remember very well some details of the biographies that have been written about him. One of the things that surprised me is that, when a young Wagner was involved in illegal activities against the king, the child Nietzsche played at home ‘King Squirrel’ with his sister, in which the traitors to the King were shot.
Even in his mature books Nietzsche was an exponent of the morality that Wallace laments has been lost in the Alt-Right. If instead of making the mistake of reading what academics opine about Nietzsche, we read Nietzsche directly, we will be surprised to learn that even in the 19th century he already complained that the institution of marriage was in danger in Europe, as can be seen: here.
Those who wish to enter the thoughts of the German philosopher would do well to start with the masthead of this blog, whose last pages contain lucid comments by Nietzsche showing that the ethnosuicidal problem of the West, rather than ‘cultural Marxism’, is ‘cultural Christianity’ (precisely the self-incriminatory term that Richie Spence has used to describe himself).
Those who wish to enter the tragic life of the philosopher could read some excerpts from a very lyrical essay, The Struggle with the Daimon: a real treat from the literary point of view!

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