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‘White nationalism is an impossible chimera
between National Socialism and Americanism’.

— C. T.

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My correspondent from Ireland, today:

I am really depressed, Cesar! In a sense, Christmas is a celebration of the destruction of the Aryan Race; the destruction of Antiquity; the beginning of the Jewish Age of Pisces.
It is not so much:

“A King is born unto us.”

No, Cesar, a King – the King of the Jews – is born OVER US.

“Those who would not have Me as King, bring them here and kill them in front of Me.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ.
This is what we celebrate: the murder of the Aryan soul.
And have you noticed how fucking awful, monotonous and a-melodic most Christmas hymns are? Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Good King Wenceslaus, As Shepherds Watched?
One would not listen to these tiresome pieces of Music through choice at any other time of the year.
Yeah, there is Yule. There is the feast of Wotan. There is Dies Solis Venerabilis Invicti, the feast of the Lovable unconquered sun… and for the most part, this is what Christmas is, and it is wonderful. However, in Ireland, at least, there is still far too much of the Biblical Jesus in this season.
This is a good time of year to highlight the absurdities and contradictions in the infancy narratives. Quirinius, Caesar Augustus and Herod Senior were not contemporaries. Jesus is born in a house in one narrative and a stable in another. Etc.

I agree completely. Also, I will add that Christmas has been ripped of any semblance of Aryan spirit it had – even when it was still a Christian holiday – and turned in to a very stressful consumerist vacation.

There’s a bug that prevents me from opening an account in Gab. I basically use Twitter and Facebook to advertise new posts here but I’m not a fan of any of them. (What whites need is going back to printed books, like Kriminal-geschichte; tweets and FB posting are juvenile but most WNsts are intellectually immature, IMHO.)

The worldview of National Socialism was created by Adolf Hitler for the Nordic-Germanic peoples. Hitler said it was not intended for export.
It is impossible for Americans to emulate German National Socialism. When the German-American Bund promoted National Socialism for America in the 1930’s Hitler was frustrated by this and said National Socialist groups in America should just support NS Germany and not try and convert America to National Socialism.
If the Aryan race survives the doctrine it adheres to will have a lot in common with National Socialism but it will not be National Socialism. National Socialism died in 1945. I would hope the future worldview of our race is an improvement on National Socialism (such as, for example, having no tolerance for Jews i.e. the one drop rule. The Nuremberg Laws were too lenient allowing 1/8 Jews to be identified as Aryans).

IMO Rockwell + Pierce = an American Hitler, but white nationalists don’t hold a candle to any of them separately, let alone a combination of both in a single individual.

I disagree with Hitler that a sort of NS was impossible outside Germany. If an individual who had the character and intelligence of both Rockwell and Pierce could be an American Hitler, then someone like James Mason could have been the Himmler of that American Reich…

Hitler is holding a ridiculously conflicted position. On the one hand he holds the position that National Socialism is the healthiest political ideology for an Aryan state, but on the other hand, doesn’t like White Americans wanting to apply it to their people, who are mostly descended from Germans.
Hitler even described America, in his Table Talks, as being ‘one part Judaised, the other part Negrified’. This was America in the early 40s, when it was supposedly more healthy for Whites. If he truly saw it this way, why shouldn’t the more honourable Americans be envious of Germany, in his opinion?

How ludicrous considering National Socialist racial hygiene garnered inspiration from Nordicist America under Coolidge. Propaganda rhetoric utilized by Goebbels was a product of the studying of American marketers (although I’d imagine they were Jewish).

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