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by Juliano Correa

Let’s say we are Germanophiles. We want Nordic imperialism and we want to liquidate every other culture that is not Nordic, after all.
I believe if a person doesn’t identify this way they are not seriously pro whites. Unfortunately most of the white nationalists are Russophiles.
Other problem: most of the identitarian and European nationalists are not even racists. They just want to be separated but don’t believe in superiority and are fans of Alexander Dugin.

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Like me, the author is from Latin America, and he’s not an Aryan either. What WNsts fail to understand is that precisely because we have lost our Aryan looks* we have become more conscious that the standard of whiteness is the Nordic type.
(*) Since the Christians tricked the Visigoths to marry non-Goths in 7th century Spain.

It’s Racist Liberalism. Spencer, Taylor, the Alt-Kike, pol, all of have Racist Liberals who accept the tenants of its church (“Equality”, Long-Time Preference Behavior, uncontrolled sexuality as long White Men can muh dick whatever they can, etc.) but don’t want to share with Niggers, Beaners, etc. except for Gooks and Slavs (see the Yellow Fever and Putin worship).

Agree with every word. One of the larger goals of the National Socialists in Germany was to promote Germanic/Nordic supremacism, but that did not imply that the ‘off-white’ ethnicities should come to harm. It was a goal. The Nazis were demanding continuous racial improvement from the population: a biological ‘total quality management’ policy, if you will. Hitler was not purely Nordic. I would speculate that he was a hybrid of Nordic and Alpine-Celt, but he was seeking to set down an ideal and a standard, which was (and in my view is) blonde, blue eyes, masculine men and feminine women.

I agree that Hitler was not purely Nordic. He was an Aryan with racial elements other than just Nordic in his bloodline. But despite not being pure Nordic himself he understood the value and importance of Nordic blood fully. Hitler was not a White Supremacist, he was a Nordic Supremacist.
You are also right about the ideal the leading National Socialists set as a standard for the German nation (in particular the SS) to work towards via eugenics and enlightened breeding. A blond haired, blue eyed masculine Aryan Man and a blonde haired, blue eyed feminine Aryan woman giving birth to a family of healthy Aryan children.

It’s ok to be a Russophile – as long as you love not the abomination of Eurasian Russia but what was a millennium ago, the Nordic-ruled Rus of Ladoga.
Germanophile could implicate you’re a fan of Merkel… in the future where being German is synonymous with being the enemy of anything remotely White.
Currently, that time is almost here. Nordics are the worst enemies of the Nordic race. Kill Nordics to save Nordics!

The above Facebook link “by Juliano Correa” appears to be kiked (page not found).
I’ve made my arguments before against Nordicism. My main argument is that, in general, the Nordics of today are mostly cucks. Just look at the Nordics in Britain or Sweden or Minnesota for some good examples of this.
I for one do not respect cucks, nor do I want to be one. I’d much rather be a race realist with black hair and brown eyes than a blond-haired blue-eyed cuck Nordic. And since I believe in reincarnation, I’d much rather reincarnate as a Russian whose country keeps the third-world trash out, than reincarnate as a Nordic Swede whose country welcomes third-world trash.

The above Facebook link “by Juliano Correa” appears to be kiked (page not found).

Perhaps it’s because you don’t have a FB page of your own (I still can see Juliano’s FB page).

So, by your logic, if every Aryan down to the last child was anti white you would consider the entire white race being up for extinction and root for the anti white hordes killing them for being race realists. you would prefer that to educating your lost family members.
Also your argument is based purely on emotion, seeing as you have problems with Nordics TODAY and are not focusing on how everything good, noble, moral and honourable about our race and its culture is because of this group. Last time I checked Yule time and genius prophecies like the Kali Yuga, Thulean folk tales and the like aren’t remnant of the heavily mixed Sicilians and their vile ‘culture’.
You sound like a conservative as you are not focusing on genetics. Rather, you are focusing on what a people believe as if it defines them in evolutionary terms. think more of the ‘Nordid’ races and what they brought via their genetic inheritors, the Indo Europeans and their genetic inheritors, the Germans, the Gauls, the Franks. think of their physical beauty and what they brought to the world. How Christianity, the Turks, the Mongoloids and the Moors snuffed it out, millions of years of evolution we speak of, and how you would seek to see it gone, like tears in rain.
You mention Russians but what you don’t understand is that their plan to keep out the ‘third-world trash’ isn’t going very well. Moscow isn’t even a Russian city (it is full of Caucasians: Armenids). As for those who aren’t cucks, what good would that do them, for how long? The Jews still have them by the balls, do they not. As we are on the subject of Russia, were the Cossacks not of strong Nordic stock, was St Petersburg not thought up by those with that blood prevalent in their veins?
At this point I genuinely hold it to my heart, that no matter if you consider yourself pro white or not, if you are not a Nordicist you are anti white and deserving of death.

Jack Halliday says: “At this point I genuinely hold it to my heart, that no matter if you consider yourself pro white or not, if you are not a Nordicist you are anti white and deserving of death.”
Wow, I’m condemned to death by you because I criticized Nordics based on their being cucks. You sound very dogmatic. Since I say in my book that I had hundreds of OBEs when I was young, I guess that means you would also want me burned at the stake as a male witch because I must be a tool of the devil.
Obviously from your above statements regarding genetic inheritance, you’ve completely bought into the lie that genetics determines one’s mind and not just one’s physical body. This lie is put out by the materialist establishment which equates one’s mind with one’s physical brain, and you’ve bought it hook, line, and sinker.

>the lie that genetics determines one’s mind and not just one’s physical body.
Tell us more on how biology has nothing to do with the behavior of the sexes and races, intelligence (despite decades of IQ scoring and educational to academinc performance), criminality (see the far lower crime levels in Aryan majority areas when compared to the rest of the world), even human accomplishment (see how Jews who don’t have the European ancestry of Ashkenazi haven’t done much).
And drop your Mind-Body Conflict.

Please, Russia has hate speech laws and crackdowns against White nationality movements in Russia. Anyone who thinks Russia is some White Nationalist paradise is a fucking idiot. They are pozzed and Putin is no less of a pozz monkey than Trump is. Just watch RT for example and see all the pozzed shit they promote on there. They have their Kikes and Cucks just as they did under the Bolsheviks except this time they’re not even bothering to hide it with Communism. They even have chimpouts from Chechens and mongrels with Mongrels with gook blood.

Russians, really white ones I mean, are also known to die at early ages from alcohol poisoning (yep, you guessed it, the vodka) so whether they are racists or not they still have a massive strain of degeneracy. Just look at those ‘Meanwhile in Russia’ videos. Many of the clips show how white Slavic women behave like strumpets and are treated likewise. I makes me sick how people think Putin is a great leader and RT is some sort of politically incorrect island of Free Speech. It reminds me of my ‘conservative’ father who was so stuck in the past that he thought the fact that he hated Germans ( really hating them, I mean, more than the millions of shitskins on the street) was something to be admired as politically incorrect.
I do apologise, went on a tangent there, but you get the point.

First of all, don’t bring your personal life into this like your someone special in this discussion, because you aren’t.
‘very dogmatic.’
So what. do we not need dogmatism in these decadent times? We most certainly do. this again shows that you argue with emotion rather than pragmatism.
‘The lie that one’s genetics determines ones mind…’
what utter bollocks. So your telling me that millions of years in the desert hasn’t turned Semites into the greedy, schizophrenic hateful creatures that they are. the physical body is most definitely a manifestation of the soul. it is no coincidence that the nymphs you see on the sidebar are feminine, good natured and have male counterparts who hold a cult of discipline and honour.
What materialist establishment do you speak of? last time I checked they claim that everyone is capable of the same things no matter their evolutionary background.
You must be from Varg’s channel. He believes a lot of stupid crap too, reincarnation among other things. Everyone knows that the mind is worked via the synapses (in the physical brain).
Just a quick note. Actually try to debunk what I say rather than going on about how evil I am and don’t talk about your ridiculous OBEs. you have also immediately assumed I am Christian yet it is you who has the racially egalitarian worldview, not me.

@ Box 456,
Susan Blackmore, a British researcher of the paranormal whom I met in a conference of CSI sceptics in 1994, came to the conclusion that the OBE ‘is a hallucinatory fantasy as it has the characteristics of imaginary perceptions, perceptual distortions and fantasy-like perceptions of the self (such as having no body)’. Her books are persuasive arguing this view of OBEs. (CSI sceptics have also published literature about the claims of reincarnation; I even have some of it in my library.)
@ Jack Halliday,
>‘it is no coincidence that the nymphs you see on the sidebar are feminine, good natured and have male counterparts who hold a cult of discipline and honour’.
I’m glad that someone, after several years of this blog, finally mentions the nymphs on the sidebar! It’s precisely Aryan beauty the motor behind my drive to defend Nordics at all costs. Today I re-tweeted a tweet involving this image:

‘This was approved literature in the Third Reich, showing healthy, fit whites. They were far from prude and knew the difference between nudity and porn. It was abstract art and pornography that was labelled as degenerate but the naked body was to be revered’.

I wouldn’t have really mentioned it but I have noticed you showing examples of Aryan Female beauty all this time without any acknowledgment. The same goes for how Europa Soberana has gone somewhat ignored (people need to understand the importance of the NRC!).
The literature you show tells me that the NS government had a better connection to nature than even I could ever hope to as ever since I was a young boy I have always had a natural hatred for nudity, or at least when it was paraded round on TV, as if it wasn’t something TO BE revered.
I, myself am not capable of perfection. That is precisely why I am a Nordicist. A practical ideal for what the world could be, as they will be better than me by miles. I think, Cesar, it also goes back to a really beautiful Irish girl (she looked like she could have been straight from Iceland) in my high school who I felt genuine love for that went unreciprocated. somewhat remnant of your anecdotes of Catalina.

Catalina… That was quite a tragedy as she did reciprocate but something horrible happened in my life that left me without any fiancée, formal education or a job (a tragedy recounted in my books in Spanish, of which Day of Wrath is a translation of the non-autobiographical part of it).
I have been harbouring the idea of translating more articles from Evropa Soberana. Are you able to read his Spanish?

I think reincarnation is becoming scientific explanation of the souls.
The evolution of the soul from lowly hedonistic being to philosopher warrior king, in my opinion is just similar thing with what happens in humans, Negro to Aryan.

Jews beat whites precisely because the latter believe in post-mortem survival (of which there’s zero proof, only mental masturbation).

All reliable evidence shows the Aryans who conquered the likes of India didn’t have any beliefs in reincarnation. Buddhism as initially formed would be closer.

Let’s just say that your English is light-years better than my Spanish (I should have paid more attention in school!), so I have had to struggle with a very poor google translated version.
However I have learned far more from it than the likes of The Daily Stormer or Dickie Spence could ever hope to teach anyone, about the Roman wars with Judea for one. On the blogsite’s sidebar after you click on ‘New Racial Classification’, there is an external link in red which simply says ‘Valg’. that is, from what I can infer, the writings of Valg himself on the NRC.
This is more important than the contemporary one as he goes into more detail about the psychology of the three races and what effect they have had on the world. According to him the Armenid race is a matriarchy (this explains the Jews and their physical weakness and their sneaky forms of warfare), and it confirms that the Aryans who chose economics over race and materialism is because of this races blood in our psyche.
Before I go on all day, I will just say that Evropa Soberana is extremely anti-vegetarian in some articles. I say this because I know you are a veggie and so was our beloved Fuhrer.

‘…about the Roman wars with Judea’

I don’t know how I missed that series! I did translate his mini-book on Sparta, and an abridged version of his new racial classification appears in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.
But the series on the Greco-Roman / Jewry conflict is a huge discovery I only did today: it shows the very roots of the baobab that, following the metaphor of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince, now has engulfed the whole West.
I am afraid I’ll relegate for now my translations of the Kriminalgeschichte series for Saturdays, to make room for a new translated series that will appear in the weekdays.

Just so you know, Cesar, your Kriminalgeschichte series and your entire blog in general is much appreciated. In fact, I would probably go so far as to say that it has saved my life in some way depending on one’s perspective.
Keep up the good work, my friend!

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