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Spear quote

‘When pacifism and electoralism become ineffective, armed struggle is most effective by default. To persevere with pacifism is treasonous or insane when a campaign of non-violence delays the realisation of liberation and, in doing so, imposes unneeded suffering on the people’.

—Norman Spear

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Violence by default of the failure of the other institutions to cure the malaise of Western Civilization would be merely anarchy. The sad truth is that the Jewish consciousness rules the world; that attitude imposes greed and miscegenation while camouflaging them as ‘Free Enterprise’ and ‘Equality’.
Adolf Hitler, the Prophet of Truth, was bowdlerized by Jewish propaganda so that his wisdom could not be transmuted to future generations. His crucial contribution of three concepts to world philosophy were one, that the propagation of genetic quality was the first priority of any nation, two, that economic dissatisfaction is not cured through financial means but a Spirit of Brotherhood, and three, that the Jews will obfuscate, demean, and destroy any society that is healthy. These truths must be diffused, and accepted, if not institutionalized by at least a plurality before ‘revolution, et al’ would have any chance. Otherwise, it would simply be condemned as racism and violence!
The means by which this can be done is through the recognition of a spiritual truth unknown to National Socialism; the realization as a religious concept that the Jews are the product of the Devil through they’re Father Cain, whereas the Aryan is Jehovah’s own kindred via Adam’s son Seth. Once this is established as valid in Christian denominations, everything else will fall into place. The Jews will be segregated, the Blacks, Hispanics, and Orientals respected but not obliged, and White People will respect themselves as God’s children on Earth.

You Christians need to stop pretending you’re loyal to Aryan interests and have accepted Aryan traditions. Your attempts to pretend the scribbles of Semites and their goy supporters are properly Aryan is no better than Niggers claiming they’re the Egyptians.
Your talk of Niggers, Mestizo mongrels, and Ants being “respected” demonstrates the strain of egalitarian cuckoldry in Christianity. Next you’ll be preaching against abortion and other schemes to tilt at windmills.

Humans will have no chance at finding peace until the ugly hag Judaism, her two horrid offspring and all their adherents are completely eliminated from the planet. Or as Jewish wordsmiths would say, “wiped from the face of the earth.”

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