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Hellstorm Holocaust


While he handled well the journalists a few hours ago, he missed a golden opportunity to enlighten a brainwashed German reporter about the Second World War.
Anyone rich enough to send Spencer a copy of Hellstorm by regular mail? How come the most formidable weapon to destroy the anti-white narrative is not used by the leaders of the Alt-Right?

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A clever response to that German’s mention of the 6 million figure (which is mythical anyway) could have been: And why don’t you mention first the 60 million killed by Lenin and Stalin?
That would never put off your interlocutor. Quite on the contrary: it will make him think.

I don’t think Spencer is controlled by anyone except by his own intellectual limitations. Thinking outside the box on WW2 matters requires a courage that few people have. Prove of it is that no WN site continually mentions the Hellstorm Holocaust (which is why I advertise it on the sidebar). They are purple-pilled, not red-pilled.

I know for a fact that Richard Spencer is aware that there was no Holocaust. It was clear from our conversation that he did. He and Greg Johnson, and very likely Identity Europa, as well Norskk, and to some extent at least, Red Ice and the Asatru Folk Assembly, at least in the case of Stephen Mcnallen, all are working for the Mannerbund, an apparently Jewish funded “elite” homosexual group. Kevin Mac Donald is actually helping them by printing the articles of O’ Meara, and O’Meara is even more heavily promoted by Greg Johnson. O’Meara puts forward the idea that young boys should not date girls, but men, lest they become, in his words, “girl crazy”, and also the false suggestion that there was an ancient Germanic homosexual Mannerbund in which homosexuals ran society as an elite group and their relations were considered superior to family life. There is no historical, literary, or archaeological evidence for a ancient homosexual Mannerbund, and it is very clear from the records we do have that ancient Germanic people held their bonds of familial affection very highly indeed.

Stephen McNallen actually promotes Jack Donovan, a “masculinist” who pushes the idea that homosexuality is masculine if one takes the male role in homosexual sex. Richard Spencer had him as a speaker. Since Donovan called me a “White nationalist bitch”, I don’t really see him as pro European myself.

I doubt that Spencer has read Tom Goodrich’s book. See the sidebar—and also the posts in this site criticising Greggy Johnson & the homos in WN.

Greg Johnson seems particularly sympathetic to the victims of the Holocaust that never happened and states that regardless of the means there are still piles of dead Jews. Personally, I am more concerned about the piles of dead Europeans at the hands of the Marxist Jews.

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