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War of the sexes, 13

Update: The following text is rough draft. The series has been substantially revised and abridged, and the section by the YouTube blogger Turd Flinging Monkey is available in a single PDF: here.

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Guide to the manosphere

According to the blogger, the manosphere can be divided in (1) Anti-feminists, (2) Men’s Rights Activists and (3) Men’s Going Their Own Way or MGTOW.

The blogger implied that Anti-feminists and Men’s Rights Activists are on half-way stepping stones at the middle of a turbulent river to reach the more radical MGTOW territories. What he said of 1 and 2 strongly reminded me my own awakening path: Counter-Jihadism, White Nationalism and finally National Socialism.

After the eleventh minute of another video, “MGTOW for dummies,” he says that “female nature is detrimental to men.” The only way a society could work is “if men control women—I mean physically control women with a strict patriarchy.” But as this is impossible in what I’d call an anti-white System, “there is no reason to associate with women” because “her nature is going to destroy him.” He adds that it is not the women’s fault: they are hypergamous by nature and we just cannot impose a patriarchal system in a gynocentric society. In other videos he explains these terms:

Hypergamy – The instinct that moves the females (of many species I would add) chose the males for their capacity to obtain resources; thus she can change mates at any time. Hypergamy is materialism plus opportunism plus selfishness. In the case of our species, women want to get married into a higher caste system or social group.

Gynocentrism – A society centered on or concerned exclusively with women; taking the female, or specifically a feminist, point of view. More broadly from a meta-historical perspective, gynocentrism is male disposability. The female is to be protected while the male is disposable.

Feminism – Women using the government to obtain men’s resources by proxy. The welfare state replaces the male provider of the traditional family, and the laws favor women over men.

When I listened the blogger’s words, that we cannot impose a patriarchal system on a gynocentric society, my mind flew over a cute ginger-hair girl I used to fancy while living in England. I indeed had an opportunity—she was the one who approached me on the street—but ultimately I could do nothing. I needed money to move somewhere the System could not interfere with a traditional family. Otherwise the precocious nymphet would escape my patriarchal Diktat.

The blogger also speaks with incredible crudity: something unconceivable for older generations. But that’s the way we must speak out while the fair race, so emblematic in this English girl, is facing extinction. In “Let’s talk about solutions” he proposed that, to fix the problem, our women—:

  • Should not be allowed to vote
  • Cannot have property
  • Cannot work without the permission of their husbands
  • Cannot apply for divorce and
  • In divorces the children go with the father.

In one of my autobiographical books I tell an early 1960s anecdote. It was the first time that I heard about an unheard of happening: a boy said in our Peugeot he knew of a couple that was divorcing. My father was driving and simply could not believe it!

The bulleted draconian measures are not enough. The final chapter of Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation must always be in the radar of the architects of the ethnostate, as well as LOTR’s penultimate chapter. Later in his video the blogger says, “in order for traditionalism to work we’ll need to give up technology and go back to farming instead of offices.” Unfortunately, he knows nothing about Mammon, energy devolution and the main thesis of the history of the white race in the books of William Pierce and Arthur Kemp. Moreover, I am afraid to say that the blogger’s idiosyncrasy is often as nihilistic and degenerate as that of the typical liberal.

But there are salvable aspects in his philosophy. In the next entry we will see what is perhaps the blogger’s most original contribution to the manosphere, the Traditionalism Cycle.


5 replies on “War of the sexes, 13”

It’s very important for men to understand that trillions in wealth have been forcefully transferred via the state from men to women through alimony, asset division and child support in the past few decades alone.

It’s very important for men to realize that trillions more in wealth and power have been forcefully transferred via the state from men to women through Title IX, Affirmative Action, female-first spending on health, education and welfare and a myriad of other female-only/female-first quota programs.

It’s very important for men to understand that millions upon millions of men’s lives have been sacrificed at the alter of gynocentrism through male-only conscription and a male-only front line combat fighting force – to simply hand women the rights women so viciously take for granted today.

It’s very important for men to realize that, when they drive down the road, everything they see was built by men, including the road.

It’s very important for men to realize that, with Affirmative Consent, they lose their right to presumption of innocence and due process – leaving them vulnerable to complete life destruction following the false accusations of a woman scorned.

It’s critical that men awaken to the illusions and enchantments deployed over the past century to force wealth and power from men to women – or they’ll perish in ever increasing misery and certainty.

Men – Never give women any level of financial or legal power over your lives. Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men – in the US alone – awaken to this one simple truth – too late to save themselves – every single year. Women will not (including your mother) spell this out for you. In fact, most will actively try to hide all the above truths from you, hoping that you become the next in a long, long line of destroyed male suckers.


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