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Deposition from the Cross (detail)



Deposition from the Cross
(detail) ~ 1600-1604
Pinacoteca Vaticana

4 replies on “Deposition from the Cross (detail)”

I would like to send you a personal message but can’t find a way, therefore I’m typing it here. I’m a noob in the contemporary Western racist discourse (if it even exists), but I’m really amazed at virtually all of your points. Like you said, some don’t acknowledge the Jewish problem, others cling to Christianity. However, there are three points that I don’t quite understand or agree with.


At the age of 13 I read excerpts from Antigone about the conflict between divine and social systems of values, and I understood that no values are absolute. Therefore, nothing is absolutely right, absolutely wrong, and everything is absolutely permitted. From that time on, I concluded that any value and be cast away, everything is meaningless. My _question_ is “how can such a free person be turned into a slave he/she once was?”. You like quoting Nietzsche about transvaluation of all values and I wonder if he understood it fully. How can you make yourself a slave if you had the taste of freedom?

I doubt this question is insignificant. Even though my case may be extreme, I think Europoids in general share this idea. They cast away all their values long ago and embraced none. They are killing themselves because they have nothing to love, nothing to live and to die for. But is it possible to reverse this effect? Evolution only moves forward! In Zaratustra, Nietzsche said that a man is only a way. For a XIX century man, it could ring a bell. But would you find anyone to draft into your army if you told them that they only are a way? Where would you find such fanatics? How will you enslave an entire population? And the XVIII century living philosophy _are_ slavery for a today’s man. Surely, you would need a new, racist religion. Obviously, Christians won’t convert. How will you persuade atheists that what happens after their deaths matters?..

I mostly agree with your depiction of Christianity as one of the diseases of the Europoid man. The Jew could only capitalize on the weakness, that’s how parasitism works. But is it an unsalvageable way? Of course, Europoids of the past made mistakes, partly because of Christianity, partly because of their unawareness of the racial doctrine. Russians still have Mongoloid enclaves in Siberia because of their Orthodox church, and Iberians intermingled with Amerindians and Negroids because of Catholicism. But what’s about Protestans of the USA? They completely eradicated Amerindians on their territory! As you are aware, they heavily drew from the Old Testament, and that is pretty healthy for a population (Israel is an ethnostate). Yes, they depicted themselves as Jews, but does that even matter? That thing worked! It only betrayed Americans when they got access to technology, medicine and easy life, only then the unhealthy effects of Christianity could come into effect.

And now this, technology. Maybe, it’s the problem with technology and not with Christianity after all? (I still doubt how can you exchange one bullshit for another. Maybe it’s better to modify the old fairy tale?) Had Europoids had any problem with feminism or individualism before the Industrial Revolution? Hardly. And non-Christian Japanese and South Koreans suffer from the decrease in fertility rates just as much as Europoids, even though they don’t have nearly as big problems with immigration. I guess, National Socialism was on the right track with its obsession with both pastoral Middle Ages and high-end technology. It’s not their ideas’ fault that they were demolished.

2. Music.

I might enjoy both Bachs but I’m not really into classical music, especially opera. I could describe it as overly _clishés_, cringe-worthy, artificial and too long. I prefer modern music each sound of which has value and is pleasing to the ear. However, what’s your stance on such genres as power metal and symphonic metal? As far as I know, they are derived from rock but they sound vastly different. For example, Rhapsody of Fire (album Triumph or Agony), Therion (album Vovin), Stratovarius (album Visions).

Frankly speaking, I don’t care if that music is simplistic or hard to play, popular or underground, I judge it by how much it can sate my hedonistic artistic taste. Isn’t that what music is all about, for pleasure? Orthodox Christians don’t use instrumental music, and Islam doesn’t like it. Will there be any place for music in the new society whatsoever? Will it even include classical music from the XVIII century onward when the European elites fell to corruption of industrialism and liberalism?

3. Animal rights.

If Gates of Vienna don’t acknowledge the Jewish question, and Stormfronters are die-hard Christians and feminists, then you, César, are an animal rights advocate. I can’t agree with you on this question. How can you suggest the notion of racial wars and at the same time talk about “animal suffering”? Suffering of animals is natural! There are hundreds of ants dying under your feet, there are hundreds of gazelles dying of hunger somewhere in Africa… No matter how I may not be fond of redneck Neonazis, but sometimes they are right. Why should you care about a thing as long as it’s not Europoid or is of no use to a Europoid? Whales are not Europoid, and even if they are useful, why should you care about their feelings? Would you care about the feelings of a Negroid or Mongoloid, too? I heard some stories (didn’t check if they were true) that NS drafted villagers into SS because those were not afraid of animal suffering (and humans are animals). Be simpler, if you wan to have pork, kill a pig! By the way, I hate pork, and I never kill bugs in my house (if I find one), I release them.

P.S. I’m Russian and your surname, Tort, means “a cake” in Russian.

P.P.S. I watched LotR: RotK for the first time and was surprised how few things paederast Jackson butchered. That episode with Denethor II not wanting to call Rohan for help, however retarded it is, feels pretty modern, just like a lot of Westerners have animosity against Europoid Russia. Rohan could be imagined as something like Eastern Europe which first defeats its oppressors (Poroshenko, Putin etc.) and then puts a precedent for others. But that’s just an allegory.

I don’t have time to read your long comment but will reply to what you say about my biological cousins, the animals: read the pages of my Extermination book where I propose to exterminate not only non-whites, but even those whites who are cruel to animals.

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