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Ancient Rome Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 44



4 November 1941, evening, and night

German is the language of Europe—Suppression of Gothic script—Nordic territories in Roman times.
In a hundred years, our language will be the language of Europe. The countries east, north and west will learn German to communicate with us. A condition for that is that the so-called Gothic characters should definitely give place to what we used to call Latin characters, and now call the normal ones.

In the Eastern territories I shall replace the Slav geographical titles by German names. The Crimea, for example, might be called Gothenland.

Here and there one meets amongst the Arabs men with fair hair and blue eyes. They’re the descendants of the Vandals who occupied North Africa. The same phenomenon in Castille and Croatia. The blood doesn’t disappear.

We need titles that will establish our rights back over two thousand years.

I’d like to remind those of us who speak of the “desolate Eastern territories” that, in the eyes of the ancient Romans, all Northern Europe offered a spectacle of desolation.

I’ve seen the exhibition of Augustan Rome. It’s a very interesting thing. The Roman Empire never had its like. To have succeeded incompletely ruling the world! And no empire has spread its civilisation as Rome did.