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The real question

The more interesting question than Jewish “domination” of whites is, what kind of people are they who are so willing to be “dominated,” and why are they so willing?

Jack Frost

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Do you still live in Mexico? I will be visiting the Distrito Federal again on business soon and it would be great to discuss some of these issues.

I’ve been in the city this week working, but I go back to the States tonight. I’ve read your blog intermittently and I remembered you live or lived here at some point. I will be back in early September again.

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@ Jack Frost-

Not all ‘whites’ are willing to be dominated. The Nords were and are not about being dominated. I take issue with you lumping me in a mass of “whites”.

White is not a race. It is word invented by the Jews to lump the Europeans in with other so labeled white people.

A little exchange at The Occidental Observer where Frost originally put the comment of which the above is just a snippet.

A Frost critic said:

Nicely put to absolve the culprit and blame the victim. Obviously, you never heard anything about millions of Europeans killed in WWII fighting against the Judeo-bolshevik and Anglo-judaic armies? Were they willing to be “dominated”?

Frost responded:

Yes, and who killed them? Other white people. And where is the white struggle against Jewish “domination” today? Nowhere. Muslims with an average IQ substantially below that of whites are willing to blow themselves up in resistance. Even an animal, caught in a trap, will gnaw its own leg off to be free. But what are whites of today doing to be free of Jewish “domination”, if that’s what it is? Nothing.

I find it a little insane how white nationalists try to find excuses for the astronomic sins committed by whites (especially Anglo-Saxons) during the Second World War and after that, to the present.

Well, look at it this way. For a large part of History, the vast majority of Europeans were simply serfs (of varying degrees) to an aristocracy. Why weren’t there constant rebellions during all that time? It’s not like the aristocracy cared about the serfs(except as it affected them) and I doubt they felt any kinship to the people they ruled. The other aristocrats were their kin, the rest of the people were just cattle. Sound familiar? Europeans have been defacto slaves for thousands of years without barely a peep. In Europe there were still serfs until the 1860s. What should we really expect from a race that had been so domesticated for so long? I’m surprised there is as much resistance as there is.


Europeans have been defacto slaves for thousands of years without barely a peep.

Not quite – the feudal system lasted about a thousand years in the South and a few centuries less in the North.

And there were rebellions: Just off the top of my head, there was the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381 in England, and the Münster Rebellion around 1534 in Germany. Now I know people are going to say that Münster was sectarian rather than anti-feudal, but the distinction is rather fuzzy. Indeed, the whole Reformation was, at least in part, a rebellion against the feudal domination of Europe by the Catholic Church.

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