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On destiny


A passage from White Power
by George Lincoln Rockwell

Unless the White Race can find the leadership, the wisdom, and the will once again to police the world, the planet will continue in the grip of increasing chaos and terror, until the jungle reclaims the survivors hiding in caves and holes like frightened beasts. Only a united White Race, supremely conscious of its natural destiny, a destiny bequeathed it in the gift of superior birth, as a master race, a noble race able to create the wonders of Western Cultures—only such a united race can muster the will and the strength to restore order to a world in the process of suicide and disintegration. And yet, faced by the most hideous threat of all times, outnumbered ten to one, we find ourselves disorganized, demoralized, wallowing in defeatism, crawling at the feet of our own destroyers, and losing strength every moment. It is easy to fall prey to despair.

But there is another element in this cosmic crap game which must be taken into account if we are to make a correct judgment about the survival of our people and culture is the fact of the Jewish-Negroid-Mongoloid threat. That element is timing—or, if you will, destiny. The mighty White Race is brainwashed, filled with suicidal self-hatred, crazy about its deadly enemies, trivialized, doped up on drugs and lies, and apparently rushing headlong toward oblivion. But the strength of the blood is still there, as we have shown in every war where the Jews have “turned us loose”.

Whenever as in World War II, the Jews wish us to be our ancient, ferocious, mighty selves, able to smash anything in our way: whenever they allow Natural Law to return to us, even in a temporary and wrong way, our people show themselves still heroes and fighters, not decadent weaklings, or in any way like the people of a dying culture.

The rumors of our death, to quote Mark Twain, are “greatly exaggerated”. They are appearances only. Let only a strong leader appear, let our people once see the real nature of their Jewish and colored “friends” (as is already beginning to happen), and the blood of our Viking ancestors will well up in a berserker rage which will sweep away the miasma of Jewish and colored poison gas from our lives as a lion sends a pack of vultures flapping with one lunge.

It is not yet our “time” to die. Destiny has a way of doing her will in spite of all human efforts to foil her, both when she is creating and when she is destroying.

Destiny brought forth the greatness of Rome when it was time. Arid, when it was time, she cast it aside and made a way for the mightier Barbarians, sweeping down from the cool northern forests.

Destiny brought forth the British Empire, when it was time. And, after centuries of rule, Destiny withdrew her blessing and the British Empire died—when it was time.

Destiny is even now, in America, conceiving the new imperium of our time, the White Imperium—the unification of the White Race and its conscious racial mastery of the Globe.

In spite of all signs of death and disease, deep within the vitals of our race is growing the embryo of that unity and that White Imperium which will last for its thousands of years, and destroy all which stands in its way.

4 replies on “On destiny”

Here in the South Central U.S. I can’t go anywhere without all the bleating about Southern Heritage. Just what have they inherited? Some of the Antebellum architecture still stands and a few soon to be destroyed monuments. Just like the moss and the vines that slowly crawl up the columns of those mansions, that world will be covered up forever. All the distractions that white Southerners throw away they’re shekels on now came later, except maybe gambling and booze. Paying to see niggers steamroll over helpless white males while carrying a pigskin came many decades later. NASCAR arrived with the invention of the automobile. Southern fried rock and roll was developed from electrified nigger music. Oh well, so much for pop culture. Why not turn to religion? You might be able to find some peace and transcendence. The problem is that what you find is pure moralism. It doesn’t matter if you are a fundamentalist, liberal, or mainline Christian. Pure moralism doesn’t lead to peace and tranquility at all. Moralism says that the world would be a better place if people try to behave and follow Jesus (since I’m talking about the South). It fails to drown out the hatred and rage of other pure moralists who say your views are either too modern or too outdated. Nonetheless, Christianity is certainly part of Southern Heritage. You go to Grandma and Grandpa’s church and eat their fried chicken after services and talk about how Alabama “wupped up” on Vanderbilt. The only thing that makes sense about this scenario is being around the family and the fried chicken. The food is for nourishment of the body, it has little to do with pure moralism, unless your a vegan. Your family members won’t listen to your pure moralistic twaddle because they saw you peeking in the girls locker room and stealing watermelons from old farmer Jones. No, when it comes to the 14 words, Christianity will not figure into the equation. It will depend upon men to keep what is their biological right to own. Pure moralism will leave a bad taste in your mouth like Aunt Eunice’s cranberry salad.

Would you consider it insanity or even groveling if a mulatto/mestizo like myself wanted to evoke the ’14 Words’, even if I have little relation to the white race other than the trace European blood that courses through my veins? Is it fanaticism if I empathize with the white race and I want to see the Jews, Negroes, and Muslims (in all of their mediocrity) dealt with?

For all of our flaws, Hispanics (of all backgrounds) loathe the Jews and Negroes just as much as Europeans do. It does our respective homelands a disservice, not just America, when we are encouraged to flood other people’s nations instead of fixing out own. I don’t want to see the white race go extinct, with thousands of years of civilization and human progress flushed down the toilet.

I guess the truth lies in the first part of the 14 words. “We must secure the existence of our people”. On one hand it is groveling because “our people” refers to white people. You want to see white people secure their existence. On the other hand, when I see Mestizos, they seem to be practicing the 14 words better than anyone, the drug cartel culture not withstanding. They have a higher birthrate than whites and are seeking territory and economic opportunity for their people. They are practicing the laws of nature better than anyone on the planet, with the possible exception of Muslim immigrants. Japan may be facing a demographic disaster. Chinese constantly worry about over population and the Indonesians are successful, but they seem to be all about global economics. No, the Mestizos seem to be taking the initiative as far as taking territory. I’m just glad they don’t like Jews and blacks.

I must admit that there seems to be an underlying agenda to annex the United States into Mexico. This has been a goal of the Zionist-funded, Mexican-mestizo supremacist organization “La Raza” (The Race) for a very long time.

I am a mestizo/mulatto in the sense that I am of Puerto Rican descent. What little culture my people may have had was usurped the moment they became “legal” U.S. citizens and were given the O.K. to flood the United States.

Any and all attempts to establish Puerto Rico as an independent nation were effectively stifled, and Puerto Ricans on the island and on American soil were brainwashed by the Jewish “egalitarian” movements of the 1960’s (“civil rights”, “gay rights”, “Feminism”).

We also miscegenate religiously, since we lack any and all ability to discriminate, which puts the integrity of all other races at risk, and our proximity to the African-American has instilled into us an Afrocentric outlook on life, even incentivizing our dependence on welfare and our hostility towards the white population.

But I have become enamored with all things European. The cultures, the people, everything. Some of my very good acquaintances happen to be white people. I myself don’t have a decent culture. It’s irredeemable Judeo-Negro garbage. But I can admire somebody else’s for the goodness, beauty, and progress they bring to the world, and help ensure that they survive.

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