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Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 153


18th July 1942, at dinner

Once we have secured our grip on the Eastern territories by means of the construction of a network of autobahnen, the problems of distance, which worry us a little today, will cease to exist. Of what importance will the thousand-kilometre stretch to the Crimea be, when we can cover it at eighty kilo- metres an hour along the autobahn and do the whole distance easily in two days!

I am absolutely determined to link up the whole of the Eastern territories behind the East Wall by means of a network of autobahnen radiating from Berlin. When we are able to go from Klagenfurt to Trondhjem and from Hamburg to the Crimea along a Reichs autobahn, we shall have a system of communications which will shorten space to the same degree as the old carriage highways for the conception of their time.

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The kosher rat bastard Eisenhower saw Hitlers sxtensive network of roadways while he was murdering Germans after the wars end,brought Hitlers creation home then took credit for designing “Americas highway system”. BURN IN HELL IKE!

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