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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book)

An apology…

is in order for those who have been trying to obtain a copy of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour from the print-on-delivery distributor Lulu. On purpose I have failed to fix a Lulu PDF page-size problem on that specific book precisely because I am awaiting that it becomes available from a more respected publishing house for racialist subjects: Ostara Publications.


At last I got some travel money to escape the Third World metropolis where I was born long time ago, the subject of some entries last year. If something happens to me during the flight (hope not, though I really hate flying) visitors will know where to request printed copies of The Fair Race.

P.S. of October 4, 2014. Ostara Publications’ publisher has let me know that my compilation include a couple of articles that are considered thoughtcrime in the UK and presently it is available only from Daybreak Press.