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5 Replies on “Lucius Junius Brutus

  1. Off topic:

    Once I mentioned a fucking good blogger I used to read, The Irish Savant and recommended it to you. I dont know if you already knew him nor if you started to read him after that, but the fact is that I hadnt read his blog for a while.

    Today I caught up with his writings from the past 3 months and I tell you what, the guy is really an absolute must-read — he is one of us, with the extra advantage that he abounds in what WN’lists normally lack: wit.

    Just a few suggestions from his latest writings (ignore them if you have already read them, but since I feel the guy is under-read in WN’list circles, I think it is worth it to advertise his blog here):






      1. Off Topic Again:

        Are you following this developing story?


        It’s very unfortunate that the cops caught her. I feel for her.

    1. Good advice, i´ve been following him since a couple of years ago. It´s very interesting because I somehow identify with him because I walked a similar path: from counter-yihad to jew-wise and beyond. The only flaw with his blog is his comments section, it´s wild like a jungle and you can be easily lead astray. However you can find a lot of gems in links of some helpful commenters.

      It´s also interesting as an example that his blog started to be warned as “offensive” in google at the time that he began to post against jews. A case study.

      Now in topic: J.L. David is one of my favourite painters 🙂