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Civil war Harold Covington

Harold’s new mantra

“If white people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.” —H.A. Covington

Bob Whitaker’s original mantra (“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”) points out a problem with the existing system, it does not point to a solution. It’s imperative that at least a portion of those whites who have already internalized the first mantra begin to visualize the only possible solution: the revolutionary scene.

Gregory Hood’s recent article on Harold Covington’s new mantra, originally published in Counter Currents but also reproduced at my addenda, explains magnificently the Old Man’s new mantra. The mantra should be digested, memorized and spread until all the fun really starts…

16 replies on “Harold’s new mantra”

I noticed Whitaker and his cult pushed some petition to the White House on White Genocide. Strange that no-one pushes a petition to remove dual-citizens (jews) from the power structure.

I personally like this one. Stating what has been obvious to the normal people in this country ought to be done now, more than ever. Our people are too much in the Hollywood muck to think of such an idea at all!

The question to be asked is, “What white people?” If the majority of white people “had a country all their own” it would turn out just the way it is now, in a few years. Ask yourselves: in your daily encounters, how many people even begin to understand?

And of the ones that do have an idea (if the comments sections of the blogs are any indication), they would be fighting amongst themselves most of the time, trying to figure out who is really white, and who is not? Who is the crypto-Jew, and who is the fellow traveler? Should we admit Christians, pagans, or atheists (choose one to fill in the blank)?

In truth, there is too much fragmentation, and too much internal fighting amongst racially aware folks–who are a distinct minority anyway. This sort of thing will work its way out naturally, if there is a catastrophe. But to think that many whites, even racially aware ones, are going to consciously plan it out, and flock to the NW in order to join someone like Harold Covington, is in my view a stretch.

Why re-invent Murka all over again with a quasi-Nutzi sheen? Outside of HAC’s imagination, there is no NWF. One more time: the currency crash is symptom, not cause…much as “White GeNOcide” is symptom and not cause of “White SuIScide.”

ALL ethno-states will settle themselves out…post-collapse. But first, Murka must die. This is a difficult pill to swallow for about 95% of Murkan White Nationalists who are, after all, simply a somewhat harder edge, Republican patriotards.

Well: that certainly cannot be applied to me, since I am not an American.

Of course that “genocide” and “currency collapse” are symptoms, but I still don’t get the picture of what you propose.

IMHO after Murka burns there will be a chance of wising up racially among the white survivors. Presently I don’t see any plan to expel non-whites with sheer violence (as in HAC’s novels) among European “nationalists”. Non-racial nationalisms are fake.

Which country according to you has a chance of becoming the first white ethnostate (keep in mind that I don’t consider Greeks pure whites)? Some country has to lead the others, right?

Which one has the better chances?

What the Renaissance Party of North America (which is now an incorporated, legal entity acting as a political party and is NOT a figment of someone’s imagination) “proposes” is to prepare for collapse, total and unconditional. Acknowledging the socio-political devolution of the two industrial nation-states, Murka and Kanduh, is part of that preparation.

Post-collapse, there are several White ethno-states that could be formed on the continent, not just one. Novacadia has a leg up on Cascadia; it is already 97% White Euro (Scots, French, Germanic).

I tend to lean in the direction that the “first pure White ethno-state” will be created on the NAmerikan continent. European countries are too far gone, not to reclaim their ethno-racial heritages, but simply that it will take longer…and quite like be a bloodier affair. But who knows these things. Perceive what lays on the horizon, make best bet contingency plans possible.

[RPN (USA) Steering Committee is taking full advantage of the train wreck that is known as the American Freedom Party. S.527 status is projected to be locked in by mid-summer.]

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