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Turner Diaries (novel) William Pierce

Turner Diaries quote (3)

An hour earlier, in New York, the Organization used a bazooka to shoot down an airliner which had just taken off for Tel Aviv with a load of vacationing dignitaries, mostly Jews. There were no survivors.

(Note to the reader: A “bazooka” was a portable launcher for small rockets, used primarily as an infantry weapon against armored vehicles during World War II, 60-54 BNE, and already obsolete by 8 BNE. Tel Aviv was the largest city in Palestine during the period of Jewish occupation of that unfortunate country in the Old Era. The ruins of the city are still too radioactive for human habitation.)

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The tragedy of Judaism is that, unlike Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, you cannot destroy Judaism unless you destroy the Jews—insofar as Judaism is a racial religion, a group surviving strategy of a specific tribe. They simply cannot and will not change their ways even if you destroy their Jerusalem as Titus did.

Pierce’s dreams of conquering the entire world for the white race belong to a much higher level of self-consciousness than the inner world in which the average nationalist lives (see e.g., Dave Duke’s candid videos on the rights of other people to share this planet). It will take the coming convergence of catastrophes with Mother Nature, not a later-day Himmler, killing billions of people for whites to reach Pierce’s intra-psychic level of spiritual development.

Hey Barbara,

Are you the same Barbara who used to post on TOO a while back? If so, good to see you.

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