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Always carefully watch a poster’s comments on Jews versus the comments on Hitler and the National Socialists. When a poster has harsher things to say about Hitler and NS than Jews, the person is either ill-informed or malicious.


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Indeed. It is in fact the perfect acid test for sorting White Nationalists into different categories, and can be used on forums and blogs to determine who must be banned and respectfully told to acquire more culture before coming back.

Criticism of the NSDAP and the Third Reich (I prefer to use those terms rather than just “Hitler”: even if he was the leader, what happened from 1920 to 1945 cannot be reduced to him) is acceptable when it is constructive and has not already been refuted. 90% of the time it is not the case.

Examples of already-refuted critiques, or emotional biases typical of the contemporary westerner:

– The 3rd Reich wasn’t a democracy (true: but neither was Europe during 1500 years of monarchies and empires, and this is a problem only if you believe in the virtues of universal suffrage and parliamentarism)

– The 3rd Reich practiced censorship of the press (true: but so did all countries at that time) and political opponents (true: but be careful not to confuse freedom of association with freedom of thought)

– The 3rd Reich was a socialistic country with unbearable taxes and government interference (false: the country was actually less socialistic than Roosevelt’s America, in an interesting irony)

– Hitler viewed all non-Germans as scum (false, his vision was genes-based and not nation-based, as evidenced by thousands of things, including himself, who was born an Austrian in the Habsburg Empire)

– Hitler wanted a world war (false; though the fact Germany originated the declarations of wars on the USSR and the USA can legitimately lead people astray)

– The Nazi leaders only wanted to enrich themselves at the expense of Jews (one cannot know since one cannot enter their minds, but the frugal life of Hitler would tend to disprove this)

– Hitler could have stopped the war when he knew he was going to lose, in 1944 for example, in order to avoid unnecessary deaths (true, but an armistice would have been unconditional, and would have caused Germany to be completely absorbed by the Soviet Union. Hitler preferred to fight to the bitter end rather than accept communist slavery, and also had hope in the secret weapons his scientists were developing: they did not come early enough).

I used to deride NS and Hitler on grounds of “ruining our greatest chance” and “the over-reacting on the Jewish question has forever cemented white and nationalistic guilt in the European consciousness, and is Hitlers fault to bear”.

I had could have never realized how wrong I was, how much the enemy has exaggerated their crimes, how much the enemy has created a myth of German guilt and Jewish victim-hood.

How the Anglo army was nothing more then a mercenary army for Zionism.

All White Nationalist of any respectable caliber must realize this fully, even if secretly, if they ever wish to lead us from the path of extinction.

Absolutely. That’s is the main problem with reactionary, racialist conservatives and even counter-jihadists: they’re still sleeping in the Matrix of PC. The litmus test to check and see who’s really awakened is none other than a sound opinion on the Third Reich.

Hitler and the top nazis did everything they could to provide the rothschilds with the perfect narrative and the perfect excuse to herd the jews to israel.
Those 14 words + Those 13 years + 50 cents won’t buy you a cup of coffee,not even in bedford-stuyvesant, let alone some kind of bright and shining country of white transcendence.

Wow, what the bolsheviks did was unthinkably evil. How come Jewish intellectuals in the west sill don’t have to admit their own peoples role in this part of history? After all that, they can just slip out the back door and blame it on Lenin or Stalin?

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