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C.T. at thirty-three

It’s me investigating the “House of the Faces” in Andalusia, Spain (1992).

My conclusion was that the case is a hoax, and published my findings in Skeptical Inquirer (the references of this investigation appear in the Wikipedia article linked above).

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Hi Mr. Tort!

I left a comment for you the other day on your blog, but I just couldn’t find it because I can’t remember exactly on what post I left it.

I’m that Brazilian blogger, I don’t know if you remember me, I highly praised your work (link).

I’ve been exploring your excellent blog ever since. It is one of the most original things I’ve ever found on the WN blogosphere. It is quite rare to find people like you who are willing to challenge Christianity as an obligatory tenet of our civilization and that’s the most appealing aspect of your work for me.

And now, much to my (positive) surprise, I see that you are a Spaniard!

As a Portuguese-Iberic descendent myself, I’m proud of your accomplishment as a blogger and as a White Nationalist, although, as I said before, I am only part White.

Very soon I will be translating the material available on your blog into Portuguese in order to make it available for our White Portuguese-speaking brothers and sisters.

Talk to you soon!

I am glad you liked it.

There’s nothing wrong with being only partly White if a whiter ethnostate is the goal (I believe that “Latin” America could be make far more whiter with the proper measures after the coming racial revolution in the North).

By the way, have you seen my blog in Spanish, especially this quotable quote by David Lane?:

No, I hadnt seen it. I’m taking a look at it right now. I’m going to add it to the right wing blog news feed aggregator I have on my blog right now.

Basically, what I do on my blog is to aggregate links and news feeds for mainstream news souces and right wing blogs like yours (although, of course, most of them are to the left of yours) and, most importantly, to translate articles into Portuguese.

You can explore it if you want, I think it is a useful tool to have a quick access to news and information both left and right.

One favor I would like to ask of you (if and when it is possible) is to provide me with a list of your top WN sites and blogs. I would like to see what your favorite sources of news and views are.

And Yes, my goal is to see a Whiter, more functional and more European world. Therefore, I personally dont intend to breed. I dont wont to amalgamate my non White genes to a White woman’s. But no drama. That’s fine with me.

Yes, Counter Currents is one of the best. It is on the feed aggregator of my blog.

Counter Currents, Alt Right, The Occidental Observer (the best of all)View from the Right, American Renassaince News, Council of Conservative Citizen News, Angry Whit Dude, Gates of Viena, Majority Rights, Voice of Reason Broadcast Network, all of them (upwards of one hundred not to mention the mainstream links for aggregators, like the Drudge Report, TV networks, news agencies etc.)

But you are among the very few openly non Christian WN’s I’ve found on the web. You got it. Like Tom Sunic. It is extremely difficult to convince our collegues that opposing the Jews opperating inside a Semitic faith like Christianity (a heresy in fact) is an absurdity. That’s why I liked your blog so much.

Well yes: and this is exactly why I believe that View from the Right, Council of Conservative Citizens, Gates of Vienna and others are part of the (Christian) problem (btw, Auster is de facto more Jewish than Christian).

Yes, they are Christians and to make things worse Auster is Jewish and does not tolerate the slightest mention of Jews being connected to the Liberal problem although the word “Liberal” is the most common one you’ll find on his blog. He calls Kevin Mac an idiot. But Kevin is the most important thinker on our side and what’s most, what’s the point of discussing Liberalism if you are not ready to aknowledge who exaclty is behind it, enginneering it at every step?

Hello Chechar,
I am just writing since I found your comments about “The Sickle” and “the sect” (as you call Eschatology). I can clearly see you had teachers who definitely did not understand Mr Walters writings, also based on your comments you have posted on you blogg in Spanish. Most definitely you haven’t grasp the correct idea. My motive is not for you to reconsider or anything similar, you are free to critique anything you want, but i can clearly see your five years of misapprehension on the subject… Since you mentioned you have “The sickle” on your hands I would just recommend for you to read it patiently, and do not judge it by its cover, but judge it by its practice… yes, “test the ideas” once you read it calmly, I can assure you, you will see your mistakes…and yes, everything exists…


Oliver Gabigte Guztia

My dear Oliver:

One of the reasons that I closed comments at the original article in Spanish is because NONE of my eschatological critics even dared to respond to my arguments. ZERO argumentation. ZILCH. ZIPPO. NADA. Just flat statements with no supporting reasons like yours (“You didn’t understand Walter”, etc).

If we are to have a reasonable debate, please address my arguments. Otherwise I will have to close this thread as well.


I am so sorry that Jews are allowed to be citizens of the USA. Very dangerous parasites they have been, and with good reason, I fear the future, what with them in charge.

Agreed. And most welcome.

Would you be so kind to post this comment of yours (or other comments) in a thread about Jews (or other related issues)?

(BTW, if you want to contact me directly see the contact info at the sidebar.)

César —

We have corresponded before on “Hellstorm” — I am ‘German Boy’.

Please sent me an e-mail to [email protected]. I want to make you aware of a book by Freda Utley which I recently discovered and you have surely never heard of.

Highly significant—and INDISPENSABLE..!!!!

What got me into Nationalism & Revisionism was when I stumbled on line; Germany at the End of the 19th century/before WWII (historical photos)
Page after page of beautiful German & Prussian towns & cities as they were before the NWO as they label it today.
Some of the photos were taken by The Third Reich in case of incidental bomb damage-not wholesale carpet bombing turning the urban environment from rubble to dust at the bequest from Yiddish Zionists that made up Bomber Command such as Henry Morgenthau, Charles Portal, Lord Cherwell & the ultimate half Jewish slave Churchill.
So depressing to see though.
Hell; The Physical & Cultural Destruction of Germany (on Exulanten.com thinks?)
While I admire the bravery of a fair battle such as the Battle of Britain, the bombing campaign is as they say somehow justified due to the hollowcaust.

You are an intellectual, the work you do for National Socialism as an intellectual is immensely important. However you seem to preach the idea that all National Socialists must be warriors. Let me just say that the intellectual work you do is far more valuable to the cause of the resurgent white race than any ‘fighting’ you could do. A true white man must be intellectually superior and of martial superiority. But that does not mean that a white man must be a scrapper such as Mike Tyson, no the white man must use his mind to fight. To create superior weapons, superior methods of psychological warfare, superior means to strike terror into the hearts and minds of our competitors and parasites. While 100 white men, and 100 white maidens remain alive the hope of white victory and the Aryan golden age is possible. As few as 50 Aryan men, with a true National Socialist conviction and the courage of that conviction can start an avalanche of pure white snow that will engulf the world and usher in the Millenium of Adolf Hitlers Reich.

Welcome to this forum.

As you can see in the top entry, I’ve become a hermit, not a warrior. Some metapolitics might be necessary before real action starts. What bothers me is that among Aryans there’s no fascist-like political party at any side of the Atlantic. That’s why I call our times “the West’s darkest hour”.

our race must become evil genocidal ‘satanic’ ‘nazis’ too survive and thats something even so-called nationalists or right wingers would never dream off, none of these self-appointed defenders of the ‘white’ race actually want us too survive because they don’t want to do and become what is necessary and needed for that survival, they are all christians, hence their part of the problem, the youth must become ‘terrorists’, do ‘atrocious’ things, a nordic party MUST force its way to power and BRAINWASH the people into our line of thinking,there must be mass ethnic cleansing off foreign and ‘whites’ alike, all over the world.. These ‘nationalists’ think theres a nice and fair way to solve this, all white people will simply band together and deport the foreigners and live happily ever after.. as if nothing happened! these sub humans led by jews and traitors are mass murdering our people, guilting us through emotional blackmail and abuse of the mind into accepting our own collective extinction, and these ‘white nationalists’ dont even FEEL the carnal instinct for bloody revenge!? They are completely castrated and empty! They say they want this and that, but if a group began taking that action that was necessary, they would denounce them at the drop of a hat as being “too extreme” or “using the cause for the wrong purposes”, because their old saggy Christians, through and through, no fire, no murder, no nothing. This is why i like this blog, it puts it simply how it is not hoping to comfort anyone, and repelling literally anyone who isn’t true, especially “white nationalists”

a wonderful portrait above of a great, good man. one of our best. a giant of heart, soul and intellect. so proud to say, ‘this is my comrade. this is my friend.’

Highly intelligent and handsome. A shame your genetics as well as your intelligent tutoring will not be available to progeny. Yet I cannot hold you to blame. I for one cannot imagine what life would have been like with the responsibility of introducing progeny to this nightmare world.

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