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«Raised profoundly as a Catholic, today I am convinced that it is not enough to leave the religion of our parents. Liberation will need us to burn down worldwide all Christian churches to the ground. Such is my inspiration and mentality in the struggle for our survival». —Albus, from Germany


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The post ‘Weirwood’ is no longer ‘sticky’ but can still be seen: here. The old sticky post was moved up the sidebar not long ago (‘Start reading this!…’).

Covid 19 Mantras

2020-2021 mantra

‘2 metres distance determines our existence’.


Mad groupthink

‘Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one’. ―Charles MacKay.

Indeed. Whites, who had the most beautiful Aryan gods in the Greco-Roman world, accepted the god of the Jews and destroyed their Aryan statues and temples while embracing the Judeo-Christian doctrine of eternal torture for them!

And after the French Revolution, and even more after the civil revolutions of the 1960s, the psychotic idea of ontological equality of all humans (‘neo-Christianity’) has now come to regard even trans-kids as equals as the others!

Concerning economics whites go mad in herds and very few understand what’s happening. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve announced that it would start making 125 billion Quantitative Easing (QE) per day. That’s not a typo. Just for the record, in QE3 they used to make 85 billion a month. The Fed is now buying 125 billion treasures and MBS per day!

Hopefully before, during and after the economic implosion, these mad whites who have been thinking in herds since Constantine will begin to recover their senses, one by one, as the poet MacKay observed.


Two JFG podcasts

Update of 11: 45 pm

Below I mentioned yesterday’s podcast of Jean-François Gariépy. In his podcast today JFG interviewed Richard Spencer, who despite his imperfections is a much more mature figure than Nick Fuentes to lead racialist Americans.

JFG and Spencer touched on topics that interest us on this site, such as Judeo-Christianity—a term used by both—and the need to change the moral paradigm about the Third Reich, instead of believing that pure revisionism about the Holocaust will make a difference.

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In the recent ‘blood sport’ of Sargon of Akkad vs. Vaush, the latter brought out his anti-white ideology when saying he cares about a damn that some UK schools are 70 percent non-white. A YouTuber commented yesterday: ‘Just needed to get this off my chest after watching what is possibly the most insufferable debate I’ve ever seen’.

People like Vaush exemplify what I have said a lot of times: the Aryan problem is more serious than the Jewish problem, as it means betrayal of the white race by whites. And there are many, many whites like Vaush.

If there were no countless people like him, who claims to have Polish and Irish ancestry, the Jews would find themselves isolated in their anti-white campaign. It is traitor whites who empower them.

If Vaush tells the truth about his Polish and Irish ancestors, that means he was one of those typical Catholics who, when distancing themselves from the church, become ultraliberal. In the country where I live I have met many former Catholics who embrace ultraliberalism, which includes feminism, that not only affects Creole whites but mestizos and all the gamut between them (castizos, harnizos, etc.).

Fortunately, Jean-François Gariépy did a good job yesterday debunking Vaush.

As a side note I would like to say that a commenter has been complaining that I am not letting his comments pass. I do not have time to answer them. And it irritates me that, instead of complaining about my antichristianism, he doesn’t digest what was said in previous articles about the millions of Aryans holocausted by Justinian.



Imagine a world in which war had not killed Hitler. The man was even a year younger than my granny Mecho. Had Uncle Adolf died of natural death at the age my long-lived granny died, in 1988 I would have shared thirty years of my existence with his! I can’t imagine a bigger crime against me than having taken that privilege away! Without the greatest crime of the modern age I could say that he was my contemporary…


This translated passage appears in one of the final pages of my autobiographical From Jesus to Hitler.


Incel mantras

• Reclaim your women that the anti-white System stole from you.
• After we win the Revolution you’ll be able to abduct the Sabine woman of your dreams.
• The torture of involuntary celibacy will be over!