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First July post

I have been told that the technical process of exporting content from the old incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) for import into this new incarnation will be completed tomorrow.

I am re-posting this article today, July 1st, because a couple of days ago it was accidentally deleted. When two people work on the same administration page, this time the technician and me, accidents like this can happen: that’s why I didn’t add entries in the last fifteen days.

Fixing this site has been a task that left me with almost no funds on my debit card. But it’s worth it because, as I say at the end of this post, after what happened last month I will dedicate myself body and soul to the health of WDH.

So I now resume my work on this site.


______ 卐 ______


In ‘Doctors, Psychotherapists, Liars and Butchers’ Jordan Peterson recently weighed in on Matt Walsh’s documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ which denounces the medical profession that now is, literally, castrating boys and cutting off girls’ breasts.

It strikes me that it is only until very recently, with the Chinese virus lockdowns and this Walsh documentary, that some are beginning to question the medical establishment.

Unlike these recently purple-pilled semi-normies, I knew, since 1976 when I was seventeen, that there was something horrendous in an institution where psychiatric doctors always take the side of the parents in conflicts with their children, no matter how sane the child is or how disturbed the parents are (see my Spanish texts on the subject).

Already since the famous Daniel Defoe (1660-1731), voices have been raised exposing a profession that has committed perfectly sane people to asylums. But it is better late than never to put the medical profession in the dock. It’s about time that a few are realising that the real purpose of medicine is profit, at least in the area of surgeries on teenagers suffering from sexual dysphoria (‘trans people’ in today’s Newspeak) or unproven vaccines. But most dissenters in this century have lost memory that since the time of the author of Robinson Crusoe, some already knew that another branch of medicine, psychiatry, was fraudulent (I refer specifically to the 18th century Salpêtrière asylum of Paris). And the same can be said of psychiatry today.

However, as I said about Matt Walsh last month, this Christian is not one of us. A few days ago, celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision on abortion, Walsh said that such a decision was like the American victory in WW2 and the liberation of concentration camps. Like hundreds of millions of normies, Walsh ignores that it is precisely the accepted wisdom about WW2 that is causing the current white psychosis.

But he is not alone.

Although Walsh is not a racialist, Jared Taylor recently wrote an obituary about a young man who helped him in AmRen. This young racialist also repudiated, like Walsh, German National Socialism. The 29-year-old race realist who suddenly and inexplicably died (covid vaccines?), and many American racialists who offered Taylor their condolences, have been also ignorant of the root cause of today’s white self-hatred.

But the most relevant thing I have been thinking about these days is something quite different. No racialist site, to my knowledge, said anything about the fact that WDH was taken down. It made me think how incredibly fragile a site can be if there is no one to relieve the editor-in-chief.

Since my sister suddenly died, I’ve been taking very seriously that death can surprise any of us at any time. If I die, say of an unexpected heart attack, and no one picks up the torch I left on the ground, the real cause of Aryan decline goes into obscurity, since there is no other site that goes to the bottom of the Christian Question (CQ).

And all this got me thinking about something I said last year about my hobby (see my book The Human Side of Chess): that I would prepare to play another FIDE tournament this year. What happened last month, and the possibility that if I die at the wrong time all my work on CQ will be lost, moved me to add a postscript to my slim book. From that unpublished postscript I would like to pick up the final paragraph:

Here I would just like to confess that this last year I have suffered from a moral hangover for having used my talents to buy several chess books, and read them, in case I get to play a couple more tournaments. But even if I do it, it wouldn’t be worth recounting any of this. The only thing that matters is the real chess: to checkmate the Christian ethics that millions of white atheists currently suffer. Only then would I cease to be an apprentice of the holy words and become a true priest…

Although these days the exciting 2022 Candidates Tournament of chess can be watched live on YouTube, for me to stop being a mere apprentice and take my vows of priesthood, I must devote all my time to WDH. Chess is a very demanding game, a great time waster; and I cannot presume to be a priest if I don’t take my perpetual vows to the sacred words, especially now that I have seen how fragile a website can be.

From this post I resume my efforts, now redoubled, after last month’s accident. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.