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The night lands

‘The Night Lands’ is the second episode of the second season of HBO’s medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, first aired on April 2, 2012. In the image we see the moment when Tyrion asks Janos Slynt if he gave the order to attack Ned Stark.

We see the first bad message of the episode when Theon Greyjoy sees his sister Yara after years of not seeing her to the degree that he doesn’t recognise her. The films of our century invert human reality most blatantly. For example, the actress who played Yara in Game of Thrones dresses in a feminine way in real life, although in the series she appears as a tomboy.

When Theon sees his father, lord of a castle and Iron Islands, after years of not seeing him, he yells at him that Yara cannot lead an attack against the Lannisters ‘because she is a woman’. The father replies, ‘And why not?’ Yara tells him that it is he, Theon, the one who wears a skirt, mocking medieval clothing that aren’t really skirts. In this dialogue between Theon and Yara they have invented a medieval world with ‘skirts’ for men that have nothing to do with history (remember the image I put in the sixth instalment of this series about Ned Stark’s clothing).

There is another terrible message from this episode that has nothing to do with real medieval times. Davos Seaworth and his son Matthos recruit a black man, the pirate Salladhor Saan and his fleet, to join them in the war they want to wage so that Stannis Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne. In the Middle Ages, and even in later centuries, there were never powerful blacks in Europe, and here they virtually put Salladhor Saan almost like a Francis Drake.

This is another grotesque invention that the media puts before our eyes: a parallel world where the current psychosis is projected back to a fantastic medieval era with empowered blacks!

Davos, a character that Game of Thrones paints as very attractive as a person, tells the black man that he will be the richest man in Westeros if he joins Stannis’ war. The black replied: ‘And if we don’t drown at the bottom of Blackwater Bay, I will fuck this blonde queen and I’ll fuck her well’.