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On ‘horribler’ theologians

Instalment 129 of Deschner’s work, that recounts the brutalities committed by the first Christian king that ‘united’ the Franks, ends with these words: ‘As long as history is viewed in this way, as long as it remains outside of its moral valuation and the vast majority of historians continue to crawl before such hypertrophic beasts of universal history with respect, reverence and admiration… history will continue to unfold as it does’.

As we saw in instalment 129, what is most striking is how the theologians’ prose idealise such Christian beasts. There is no question about it: Christianity’s criminal history may be horrible, but the theologians can sometimes be horribler


Remember Arthur Kemp’s magnum opus:

Clovis’ most significant deed was his conversion to Christianity in 496 AD—without this conversion it is doubtful that Christianity would ever have taken hold on the European mainland. He initiated the practice of converting White pagans by the sword when he invaded the Visigoth Empire in 507 AD, causing them to flee south into Spain.

But Deschner wrote of most of them as ‘Arians’, i.e., non-trinitarian Christians. I’ll need to read more sources to know who’s right.

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I’m sorry if this is off-topic, but I need to vent. Greg Johnson is the biggest fraud of all white nationalists and I hope he dies of AIDS.

His website keeps making underhanded attacks on national socialism and defending christianity. This has now reached absurdity, a christian apologist tries to “denazify” Savitri Devi (of all people).

“Denazifying Savitri Devi” by William de Vere

Greg Johnson is the best example of a neo-christian out there. Intellectually he knows better, as is evidenced by his articles about Jan Assman, his essay on Yeats second coming and his publishing of Savitri Devi’s books in the first place. But despite this he still insists on making peace with christians and non violent solutions. I think I’m angry because counter currents was a big influnce on me, and I can’t help feeling betrayed.

My June 19 2017 article ‘Greg Johnson’ nails him. Also, remember Mauricio’s words in Daybreak: here. William de Vere’s article that Greg allowed on his webzine yesterday says:

[Savitri Devi’s] countless criticisms of Christianity, in particular, are a somewhat tedious and clichéd amalgam of Nietzscheanism, biological racism, and neo-pagan hubris: Christianity “alienates its faithful from nature,” “teaches them the contempt of the body,” and betrays the “stench of the miserable and servile common man.” Moreover, she agreed with Hitler in regarding Christianity as “nothing but a foreign religion imposed on the Germanic peoples and fundamentally opposed to their genius.” Savitri Devi therefore longs for a return to pre-Christian Indo-Aryan paganism.

I’ve sought to address these misconceptions of Western Christianity elsewhere, arguing that it is neither foreign to the European soul [really?] nor simply a precursor of modern democratic liberalism. I have also argued…

I understand your frustration. Greggy is apparently making more than $ 100,000 in donations each year. And yet I have suspended my translations of Deschner for the moment because, unlike him, I receive almost no donations. Not long ago a couple of generous sponsors sent me a hundred bucks each, but obviously I need more than that. And without being well funded it is impossible to continue my intellectual work.

White Christians are worse than Jews, as by worshiping the enemy god and obeying his commands (Xtian ethics), they’re race traitors. WN personalities like Johnson and William de Vere exemplify what we say about ‘horribler apologists’.

The comments he made in the post you linked are even more damning than my examples becasue it shows he knows exactly what’s wrong with christianity. In 2013 he could nail down the problem perfectly.

Do you think it’s accurate to call him a neo-chirstian? Seems like he’s just a greedy sellout that panders to christians for donations.

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