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Below I mentioned yesterday’s podcast of Jean-François Gariépy. In his podcast today JFG interviewed Richard Spencer, who despite his imperfections is a much more mature figure than Nick Fuentes to lead racialist Americans.

JFG and Spencer touched on topics that interest us on this site, such as Judeo-Christianity—a term used by both—and the need to change the moral paradigm about the Third Reich, instead of believing that pure revisionism about the Holocaust will make a difference.

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In the recent ‘blood sport’ of Sargon of Akkad vs. Vaush, the latter brought out his anti-white ideology when saying he cares about a damn that some UK schools are 70 percent non-white. A YouTuber commented yesterday: ‘Just needed to get this off my chest after watching what is possibly the most insufferable debate I’ve ever seen’.

People like Vaush exemplify what I have said a lot of times: the Aryan problem is more serious than the Jewish problem, as it means betrayal of the white race by whites. And there are many, many whites like Vaush.

If there were no countless people like him, who claims to have Polish and Irish ancestry, the Jews would find themselves isolated in their anti-white campaign. It is traitor whites who empower them.

If Vaush tells the truth about his Polish and Irish ancestors, that means he was one of those typical Catholics who, when distancing themselves from the church, become ultraliberal. In the country where I live I have met many former Catholics who embrace ultraliberalism, which includes feminism, that not only affects Creole whites but mestizos and all the gamut between them (castizos, harnizos, etc.).

Fortunately, Jean-François Gariépy did a good job yesterday debunking Vaush.

As a side note I would like to say that a commenter has been complaining that I am not letting his comments pass. I do not have time to answer them. And it irritates me that, instead of complaining about my antichristianism, he doesn’t digest what was said in previous articles about the millions of Aryans holocausted by Justinian.

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Yesterday, in the blogsite you comment, Wallace posted a quote: ‘Richard Spencer claims Nick is a gatekeeper and relays a rumor that in a meeting recently “Tucker and Ann coulter are very mad at the groypers” proceeds to call Tucker and Ann gatekeepers. Absolutely laughable and very cringe’.

But not only non-Jew-wise Coulter and Tucker are gatekeepers, but OD and even MacDonald’s TOO as well, if we take into account that Xtian love has been murdering the white race after WW2, and none seems to notice it excepting Linder and this site.

Ex-Catholics are some of the most messed up people I know. From my observations, they engage in/espouse child abuse, prostitution, feminism, homosexuality, etc.. It makes me wonder what their church or parents did to them.

Indeed. Those former Catholics (few Protestants here) that I know are almost undistinguishable from Jews. Jorge Ramos, born in the same year in the same city I was born and whose character resembles Vaush’s, is a perfect example!

Agreed. While so many White American Protestants are completely in thrall to the Semite beyond just being Christ-tards – vis-a-vis, most especially “Christian-Zionism” – it is the Catholics that are equally as bad and in some cases even worse. Annoyingly, I have Catholics in my own family who are as much if not more Nordic genetically than I and yet they constantly and reflexively play the “I-was-raised-Catholic-in-an-evil-Protestant-country-therefore-let-me-be-part-of-the-anti-White-grievance-stack” card. I have told a few of these members of my family up front that whether or not they take a knee at the communion rail with Juan and Juanita, Idriss or Fatima, Huynh and Thuy, or any of the other Third-Worlder Catholics (or Protestants, or Buddhists, or Hindus or Muslims, or Animists for that matter) that the US and all “Globo-homo” governments and their own Church is importing into the West to replace them, it ultimately won’t matter and it won’t save them or their White descendants from Non-White attack with new demographics looming. Blood is thicker than communion wine and the imposed Semitic desert religion that they and these Third-World replacements who hate them might supposedly “share.”

Naturally, I see no essential difference in the Protestantism of most of America’s founding stock or Catholicism – then or now – each is a different head of the same alien hydra even as much as the two heads sometimes scrap over commonly-held Semitic nonsense in the interpretation. However at least in the US there is a real tendency for White Catholics to be overtly proud of their race treason and their suicidal altruism for the out-group out of some dumb “I am a minority too” piling-on urge. They do this FAR MORE than most White Protestants – horrible as the latter are themselves of course…..they’re just typically a bit less showy in their vile world-view.

Unless they are a part of some form of ethnically cloistered American Catholic area like rural Swiss Catholics or scrappy Italian Catholics – of which a few communities still exist and most in such are Right-Wingers politically and are also Right within Catholicism although all, due to remaining Christian, are still of no consequence – they ALWAYS are on the Left as much as any Non-White.

Of course, ask a White Catholic to explain just HOW he or she was discriminated against by the “evil Pwawtestawnts” (in a country with a Catholic president, and numerous Catholic CEO’s, generals and admirals, professors, celebrities, inventors, etc) and you’ll get sputtering and no specifics, certainly nothing that would, in any sane universe, logically induce overt hatred of fellow members of one’s own race who simply cleave to another form of the same desert silliness. Even more to the point ask them WHAT they really share with Catholics from a radically different genotype, history, linguistic heritage, climate, etc, etc, ad nauseum, ad nauseum, and you’ll get the usual “race-is-a-social-construct” secular Christ-tard obfuscation and run-around.

The Protestants are awful in their own way and are equal in the long-run with the Catholics in being good little philo-Semitic race-traitor idiots as well. However, simply from my own dealings with both groups as a proud racialist Pagan that prays for a plague on both their houses and all Abrahamism everywhere, the White Catholics are typically the most infuriating on a person-to-person basis even as both are equally bad in the final analysis.

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