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On my latest 5 posts

My latest five posts, which convey the idea of what ‘Priesthood of the Fourteen Words’ means, originally appeared on this site as pages.

Posts are blog content listed in a reverse chronological order (newest content on top). Due to their reverse chronological order, posts are meant to be timely. Older posts are archived based on month and year. As the posts get older, the visitor has to dig deeper to find them, but he has the option to search based on categories and tags.

In WordPress, Pages, on the other hand, means content such as your ‘About’ page: privacy policy, contact page, etc. Unlike the regular Posts, visitors cannot see the Pages unless they click on a link. At the bottom of the Pages there are no categories or tags.

Since I am adding PDFs of all the Posts of this site to my DreamHost (DH) backup—see: here—, I would like that those otherwise invisible Pages also appear in my DH backup of The West’s Darkest Hour.

That is why I duplicated its content today, old Pages now also visible as regular Posts, so that when I add the PDF of the latest five entries visitors can also see the ‘Pages’ on my DH backup.