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Ben-Hur Game of Thrones

Why pay attention to Game of Thrones?

Normies don’t read The Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents. I remember so well Andrew Hamilton complaining in the latter webzine that comparatively so few read his articles.

After the finale of Game of Thrones Alt-Right folks are complaining that only classic books or films prior to the 1960s are valid forms of escapism. They completely fail to notice that Ivanhoe, a historical novel remarkable because its sympathetic portrayal of Jewish characters, was published by Sir Walter Scott in 1819. The novel, authored by the non-Jew Scott (raised a Presbyterian but adhered to the Scottish Episcopal Church) started to idealise the subversive tribe in the popular mind.

Remember the point of view of this site: Christianity and the Jewish Problem are one and the same. At the other side on the Atlantic über-cuck Lew Wallace published in 1880 Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. It is considered the most influential Christian book of the 19th century and became a bestseller surpassing another über-cuck author in sales (Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin). Ben-Hur remained at the top of the US all-time bestseller list until the publication of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind the next century.

Debunking pop culture is more important than debunking Das Kapital.

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The Jews were back in England for approx. 170 years, when Scott’s novel was published. I’ll bet Scott began to romanticize the Spawn of Satan for the same reason my nefarious Race Traitor allowed them to re-infest Albion; Sheeny Gelte.

You can blame women today – but it’s the greed, selfishness, and idiocy of White men, for centuries, who have failed again and again and again in THIER primary duty – the preservation of OUR Tribe.

so very true. white men slopping at the troughs of jew entertainments rather than fulfilling their primary duty of mentoring the next generation. (aye, the poison of student loans, an invention of jew post secondary education capitalism. may that cousin of the payday loan industry bring down the white retiree’s ponsi-scheme investments.)

Iron John, A book About Men by Robert Bly, discusses that how the old story, Iron John, written by the jew brothers Grimm, presents a model for raising healthy men. how the old generation of men can assist in helping the next generation of adolescent boys make the transition to adult men.

worth a read and some thinking. alas, Robert Bly’s popularity as a men’s movement guru of the 90’s did not really produce lasting fruit, seeing as how that movement’s pretty much fizzled out. leaving today’s white men and their lame Men Going Their Own Way weak and ineffective against the always flourishing Jew News and Entertainment Media pushing the Jew Narrative Du Jours.

some cautions about bly’s book:
-it’s bly’s commentary on the fairy tale Iron John by the brothers grimm. read the short fairy tale first before delving into bly’s commentary.
-bly blathers on about possilbe meanings of every key incident of the fairy tale. quickly becomes tiresome. although still worth skimming hoping that meaningful stuff will jump out at you the reader
the key truths are
-both boys and girls must sever themselves from their parents at somepoint and strike out on their own in order to make the next step in the never ending journey that is growing up.
-the wild man is serendipity. both good and bad shit happens to us in our personal journey’s through life. don’t stop the journey by becoming either a grandstander or a victim/ entitlement personage. both personas cause arrested developement.
-growing up is becoming sovereign. we learn to exercise and own our free choices and their consequences, both suffereing and celebrating. and ultimately dying.

If books and films from before 1960 can be tainted by Semitism, does that mean that stories made after 1960 can be untainted?

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