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The Italian with an inferiority complex

In view that a couple of visitors have suggested that my anti-psychiatric series on Fridays could be due to the fact that I had a problem with psychiatry, I would like to clarify my personal motivations.

When, as a teenager, my mother made war with me at home, it occurred to her that in order to subdue me it would be easier for her to use a third party and she sent me with an Italian psychoanalyst, Giuseppe Amara (photo), who had studied with Erich Fromm in Cuernavaca in Mexico.

Why did I agree to go with an analyst? Because at seventeen, I imagined mistakenly, the analyst would treat me differently than my parents had treated me; I thought that my testimony about what was happening at home could move him.

Others who have visited this site have come to think that I am half crazy about my exterminationist ideas, formally collected in my Day of Wrath. Perhaps some have come to speculate that my mother’s initiative of so many years ago could have been justified! What these people ignore is that they are reversing cause and effect.

First came the assault at home and in the analyst’s office. Then came my hatred for a large part of humanity. As Jeffrey Masson said on page 126 of the British edition of Against Therapy: ‘How do children survive knowing that fathers can be so cruel, and that they can expect nothing but disbelief, derision, or indifference from the rest of the world when they attempt to talk about it’?

That was exactly what happened to me in consultation with Amara: he did not believe a word I said to him! The only thing he did was insult me in his office and side my parents a hundred percent!

As I said in my previous post about Freud, people are unaware that real-life psychoanalysis (not Hollywood) has nothing to do with traumas caused by abusive parents. It is something entirely different, as we will be seeing in my Friday entries.

But I did not want to talk about that fraudulent profession in this post. I confessed the above about quack doc Amara only because I wanted to mention something about the Jewish question.

As I have said on this site, the personal experience I have had with people moves me to say that the Latin Americans I have met sometimes behave like little Jews. They may not hate the gringos as much as Jewry does but they don’t like them in any way. And something similar happens in Spain. Spanish nationalists are able to identify more with Mestizo America than with North America.

The same can be said of certain Italians. As far as I knew for the years that my mother forced me to go to his office, Amara, for example, could identify himself with the mestizos but never with the Aryans at the north of the Río Grande. The anecdote that moved me to write this entry is as follows.

After Star Wars premiered in 1977, Amara commented that he very much had disliked the movie. Remember that in that first film of the series, Mark Hamill, who represented the character of Luke Skywalker, looked very handsome on the big screen—much better than the youths in Amara’s native town (I once read he was born in Asmara in Eritrea).

During an analytical session Amara pronounced some words about Luke Skywalker that made a dent in my memory: ‘Creer que sólo un gringo puede ser un chingnón…’ (‘To believe that only a gringo can be a badass…’). I don’t remember the continuation of the sentence, but I do remember his gestures of extreme indignation at the movie he had just seen.

At that moment he, Amara, was like the patient and I the one who analysed his mind: as it was obvious to me that he said that just because he was a Mediterranean suffering from an inferiority complex before the neighbouring country at the north. Naturally, no Aryan ‘gringo’ would feel anything like that; on the contrary, he would identify with Luke.

As far as I know Amara is not Jewish. But his Mediterranean complex against the Aryan is obvious. And this is a feeling that I have observed not only in castizos and harnizos (those Latin Americans who could pass for Spanish but have some Indian blood), but also in many Mexican criollos: those who, like Amara, have no Indian blood.

But what I want to get to is the Jewish question.

My impression is that the exterminationist hatred felt by Jewry before the Aryan is only the tip of the iceberg of a much wider reality. It’s easy for me to see it because I almost never see Jews. But I treat Latin Americans with inferiority complexes constantly. And this must happen even in Europe, as the case of Amara illustrates: who could not tolerate the only episode of the Star Wars series that does not contain bad messages for the Aryan cause.

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@CT: Perhaps this is where a lot of your views on Italians come from, but I certainly don’t blame you since being myself, I despise a lot of them also and there is a large over-representation of Italians in not only the Psych Industry, but also in the Legal Field who work as Attorneys.

I can assure you some thing, none of them just happened to “get into law” or “psychology” out of some kind of altruistic desire for justice or helping others. It’s all for perverse reasons.

Unfortunately, a lot of Italians these days also have Jewish blood in them, and those of us who don’t cannot even live or be involved with them not only to keep ourselves clear of that filth, but they have also made hostile conditions for us to be a part of any Italian community worldwide.

A lot of claims that are made against our Italian people, are actually true stereotypes, such as the lack of discipline and turncoat behaviors.

This is why to this day, Rome has never recovered from its fall.

In fact, with a prerequisite that Italians were under mandate for to be a part of the Axis Powers during Hitler’s era required that Italy pursued the Jewish Problem and relinquished lists of Jews known in the country, in which Mussolini failed to properly deliver on, and at other times would try to justify how some of these Jews have survived since Roman times and have become assimilated into Italian cultural life and “Behave Italian” which was a false belief since apparently the Italians lack true racial consciousness in identifying the Jew as an outsider, foreign and dangerous, to the detriment of the Pure Roman Race.

Cesar, if you do indeed have any questions on Italian issues or anything in general, feel free to let me know, I won’t take offense but can give you an unbiased perspective because a lot of them just love to hear the sound of their own voice and are poor listeners and lack the greatness of our Noble Ancestors. Would love to clarify anything you wish to know about them, because I consider myself at war with my homeland and also Italians in America.

Both in Franco’s Spain and Mussolini’s Italy, while both leaders cracked down hard on Freemasonry and Communism, they did not necessarily target the Jewish populations and even in many cases protected some Individual Jews and Communities.

Cesar, if you do indeed have any questions on Italian issues or anything in general, feel free to let me know…

I have only visited Italy as a tourist, but I would be very curious to know, in your estimate, how percent of Italians are truly white (ignoring the recent non-white immigrants)?

Unfortunately not a lot, I’d say less than 50%. And The level of Olive skin (or lack thereof ) is not an indicator because Olive Skin is genetically consistent, however you can often tell by abrasive voices or just a negative energy and hasty attitude which is often a sign that they are intermixed with inferior blood. Thin or Raggety looking head or facial hair are also indicators of admixture along with abnormal balding patterns.

But Percentage wise I am not entirely sure, I am continuing research into this, but I would say somewhere under 43% of Italians (conservatively) are Purely Caucasian Aryans. The Northern Italians who appear white even largely have taint of Norman Ancestry and we consider them a subject race because they are friendly with Jewry. The worst of the Italians are to be found in Napoli (Naples) and we consider them the rednecks and trashheap of all Italian peoples.

Unfortunately not a lot, I’d say less than 50%.

Exactly, exactly what I thought!

And this is something that Greg Johnson and the rest of anti-Nordicists in white nationalism simply don’t want to see.

P.S. When I’ve criticized Italians on this site I had in mind that percentage of mudbloods (for example, in my posts about The Godfather).

@CT, well you are spot-on… I’m glad to know we are on the same page with this issue and plus you are also being told straight from the horses mouth.

While I am against the notion of our enemies which twist and distort Roman history or the legacy of our people, I have no problem with modern criticisms of the corruption and hypocrisies of our modern people. Because I myself also cannot even deal with them. Growing up, my family was even treated horribly by most Italian Americans who want nothing to do with us. They are a selfish people, and even in Italy, there is no reliability, they do not respond to anything they don’t want to or that does not somehow benefit them in some way.

Even today if I visit any Italian establishment, they don’t even want to deal with me just to buy a simple espresso or anything, and they never say “Grazie”. I’m often treated better and with more respect at a Spanish or latin American establishment, although that’s not always the case, but it’s far more regular than how Italians are that I interact with.

In fact, the whole mentality of “I’m right even when I’m wrong” has origins with corrupt Italian thinking over recent centuries which I notice also permeates much of Latin American culture as well.

For reference, your typical Italian Jew are the likes of Danny DeVito which has the typical cranium, skull shape, balding pattern and hair quality of many Italian Jews. He’s as Jewish as they come.

I am Sicilian, and my family has had to go to great lengths over century to avoid admixture from Moors, Jews, Normans and the Mongols which repeatedly have been responsible for polluting the Noble Blood of Southern Italians.

The most Racially pure Italians however, are the Sardinians which have the most consistent racial blood (and Caucasian at that), and this is more characteristic of the fact that they live on a very remote Island and were more prone to only procreate with their own people.

I keep recorded archives of Jewish Surnames for Italian, Sephardic and also Eastern European Jewish surnames, even ones which are not commonly known which the Catholic Church hides… But Amara also is not one that I’ve ever come across that has any Jewish connotations. Anything is possible, or they could be mixed with other subject races like I mentioned such as the Normans. The Normans were always big business agents with Jews.

I really don’t know if Amara’s bloodline is free of Jewish blood. He never mentioned or hinted anything of the sort in his office. But now that he is an old man he looks rather sinister.

P.S. Rhnegatives’ reply below addresses a comment of mine that appears under this thread.

@CT, The Racial Classifications by Evropa Soberana are surely interesting, I just read the document, but it’s interesting what angle they have established the views from. Some unusual facts were disclosed in there, but some are kind of a misunderstood.

The Armenid Race, originally was a group of various Tribes that belonged to the Aryan Race but over time it was conquered by Asiatic tribes, including Mongols, Tatars, Slavs and Turks as well as Jews.

Some details on the classifications are extremely astute and true but it’s an unusual interpretation… The Red Nordid, those who have freckles, reddish or orange hair are actually not Aryans but belong to the Cro-Magnons which are considered racially inferior and barbaric, which would include the Basques. In fact, a lot of problems which exist among all Spanish Colonized Nations are a result of the Basque / Iberian Heritage rather than the Spanish Aryan Heritage. It’s unfortunate, because we see even in Spain today that there are less and less Racially Pure Spaniards, and the only ones which exist largely are the Nordic Types.

The rest are either mixed with Jews or Basques.

The “White Nordid” would be the highest rank in today’s world considering the quality of that race compared to any of the other examples… The Armenid / Mediterranean Race used to be Good, but over time it has lost its original racial qualities. Some good stocks exist, but far less. Even the Pure Germanics of Nazi Germany are nearly almost gone in Germany itself. Nothing but scraps there exist today, sadly…

Excellent article. The resentment felt by most of the planet’s races against the Aryan is intense, and is felt even by our close neighbours, the Mediterraneans…

It was the articles by Europa Suborana on the prominence of blonde and blue-eyed Greeks and Romans that turned me into a Nordicist. Prior to that I would always bring up the accomplishments of Greco-Roman civilization to defend the Meds, but now that I know that the genius of the Greco-Roman people was only because of a Nordic ruling caste, I can recognize the Meds as the mongrels that they are.

@dylanrobertg, nice try, but you’re just peddling Nordicist Propaganda. Yes, some Mediterraneans in the past and to this day have lighter features like blue eyes and blonde hair. But that has nothing to do with their superiority. Even among the Germanics, only 1/3 of them had both Blonde Hair and Blue eyes. It is erroneous to believe that those traits alone define Aryans overall. The only Notion is that Hitler recognized that those traits existed in all Ancient Aryan Civilizations and was at risk of dying out. Most of Nazi Leadership also did not have both blonde hair and blue eyes. The people I notice who try to peddle this Propaganda almost invariably are looking to promote Celtic Supremacy behind the scenes to replace the Europe of Greco-Roman-Teutonic Order. That being said, many Non-Aryans including Jews and other subject races have blonde hair and blue eyes including Ashkenazi Jews yet they are not Aryan and it’s not a result of admixture either.

@César Life is cruel and ugly, why should parent-child relations not be equally cruel and ugly? In a way, giving out the impression of love might be a lie in relation to the world in general.

@rhnegatives I still don’t get your hatred for Normans. The Normans are the reason for the presence of the I1 haplogroup in northern Sicily. And the Normans are responsible for taking your very island back from the Arab hands.

Now that I’m reading about it, those guys were so fierce, they conquered Africa and held it for 25 years, too (see Kingdom of Africa on Wikipedia). Conflating them with Jews would be a disservice.

@AdunaiLeVierte, at least the Arabs contributed to culture on the Island of Sicily. They did not destroy it, they added innovations to the Greek and Roman influences that once colonized the Island.

The Normans did not liberate Sicily, Garibaldi bankrupted and looted the Treasury and all Industry from Sicily and gave it to the Jews and the Northern parts of Italy.

Normans, wherever they have conquered, have uprooted previous colonizers and cause chaos and corruption and bring Jews with them, just as they did when they invaded England 1000 years ago. The Saxons are gone.

The Normans are an undesirable tribe of Germanics, and they often use Christian / Religious fanaticism along with the regions they conquer because this is a way they preserve their supremacy.

César Life is cruel and ugly, why should parent-child relations not be equally cruel and ugly?

It seems that you have heard nothing about my philosophy of the 4 words.

I believe that even necessary suffering is enough to call life the epithets I have used. Even genetic diseases are necessary (or you get a revolutionary phenotype), and they are pretty ugly.

There’s a gulf between necessary sufferings so common in Mother Nature, and suffering inflicted by the volition of an adult human on his/her child; or, say, a lab animal. That the latter is avoidable is seen in the deMausean concept of “psychoclasses”.

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