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Bible Deranged altruism Destruction of Greco-Roman world

All Christians are Cucks, 4

Some of you may be getting bored by our analysis of Christianity—but, rest assured—it is a subject which we must entirely go through. It cannot, it must not be allowed to remain something that we don’t want to touch because some of the White Europeans find it “holy”…
Our Age is the age of information. We are capable of overthrowing any and all Jewish induced ideologies and systems because of one major leak in their entire path of history—the Internet. This perhaps is their biggest enemy alongside the White race. We are now capable of sharing data which none of us would have ever gotten his hands on with the PC era…
…all Christians have the obligation now, by definition of their Belief, to help these god damn non-White people who are immigrating into our Nations from any and all angles of this planet. They can’t refuse them. They would be bad Samaritans—god damn it!—they might end up in Hell. And even if some of these rapefugees are our Enemies we must Love them! And even if they kill us and persecute us we must Pray for them!
For the Christian, the African continent of Blacks is a never ending treasure hunt of “good Samaritan” performance. They go down there to get a ticket to Heaven. You can’t ignore these facts. This is what Christianity has done to our people. Self-suicide of the highest value…
In the New Testament, this limitation of moral obligation to fellow-countrymen is abolished. Christ gives a wider interpretation of the commandment in Leviticus 19:18, so as to include in it those outside the tie of nation or kindred.
This is definitely done in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), where, in answer to the question, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus shows that the relationship is a moral, not a physical one, based not on kinship but on the opportunity and capacity for mutual help. The word represents, not so much a rigid fact, but an ideal which one may or may not realize. This larger connotation follows naturally as a corollary to the doctrine of the universal Fatherhood of God.
How do you like that, Christian Nationalists? Christian Identity Israelites? At what point is the “faith in Jesus” less important than the preservation of your own Race? Probably never, because you are banking on that ticket to Heaven anyways…
At what point does your Brain begin to work again? You have two major options here now: drop the Bible, drop the Jewish religion, be free again; or be afraid of Jesus and become even a bigger Cuck than you ever were—become the greatest Cuck on the planet: let you daughter be raped by migrants in the name of Unity in Jesus, pray for her persecutors and love your enemies as yourself and your daughter!…
So, let us conclude everything thus far: the Bible is a Jewish fairy tale that consists of stolen material, was however carefully planned and designed in order to brainwash people and create a foundation for their New World Order. They were leading the entire process of Christianity in our lands. All the elements of the NWO propaganda, which are already heavily in place, have their basis in the Bible—whether it be the Old Testament or the New Testament.
The moment Christianity started to win ground in Europe, everything was lost. Our entire culture, history, science, philosophy and racial integration was gone. It destroyed everything. And it did so because of the Jewish Bible, because of Jews and their commandments which tell them that when they enter a territory—everything must be destroyed there and turned into the worship of their own God, which it was. They even introduced Hallelujah to praise the Jew God every single day…
One can’t imagine the horror which has been brought into our Lands through the Bible, Judaism and Christianity. You must never forget where these sick ideas come from—the Bible—and where it comes from—the Jews. You must never ever forget this link. We have been victims of Jewish brainwashing and were afterwards used by the Jews to perform their Biblical prophecy throughout the World. There is one important factor to understand here. The Jews knew always what their Bible says! Our people, even the highest of Priests and Popes, never did…
One has to realize the Jewish hands behind all of this. It is as if you were reading the story about Communism in Russia. It is as if you were reading about WW2, with Germany being the biggest Heretic on the Planet ever at that point. All of this because Germany was returning to its European values and rejected the Bible—for those of you who still think that the German movement was in any form or shape Christian, just read the Hitler Youth learning books, where it is condemned as a Jewish Globalist agenda…
The Jewish Bible and Christianity were the primer tool for the control of our Past—they erased it. And through it we entered a collective state of Amnesia, which we are slowly getting out of…
1) Jews make up the Bible.
2) Christians adopting this nonsense become Spiritual Jews through faith in Jesus Christ; they become descendants of Abraham who are heirs to the promise of Zionism and the Jewish World Order.
3) Christians under the mental and physical guidance and hypnosis of Jews proceed to destroy the entire European continent, tradition, culture, civilization.
Read it all: here.

4 replies on “All Christians are Cucks, 4”

Duh, should have used a diamond
Sometimes those Jewish ad agencies come up with a good one.
Okay, the Good Samaritan.
Samaritans are an ethnoreligious, Semitic group originated from the Israelites (or Hebrews) of the Ancient Near East. They observe a sacrificial ceremony closely related to the Temple’s blood sacrifice.
In fact, the Samaritans closely follow Jewish religious tradition, yet Temple Jews hated them. Why? Because they refused to pay tribute to the Temple. But why would they when they had their own religious beliefs that did not require enriching an elite priesthood. Thus, to first century Temple Jews, Samaritans were anything but “good.” So let’s examine the story.
Wouldn’t you know it, a lawyer comes to Jesus asking him, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus replies, “What is written in the law? How do you read it?” (Oy vey! Again with the law already! With Jews, it’z all about their sacred LAW.)
The lawyer answers, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind, and your neighbour as yourself.”
As with modern Jews, for the first century Jew there was only one meaning of the word “neighbor” – another Jew. After all, who else can live with these goddamned bastards? Of course, this moral injunction leaves one wondering just how much a Jew lawyer might love himself.
Jesus says to the lawyer, “You have answered correctly. Do this, and you will live.”
But desiring to “justify” himself, the lawyer asks Jesus, “Who is my neighbour?” (As if this fucking Jew lawyer didn’t already know the answer)
So Jesus replies with a parable:

“A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. And by chance there came down a certain priest that way: and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side.

From the description the victim, this “certain man,” would have certainly been a Jew. So first an elite Temple priest shuns an assault victim that is likely a member of his Temple. But that is to be expected of a cold, heartless psychopath, but it gets worse.

And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side.

A Levite is a member of the Tribe of Levi that served particular religious functions for the Temple along with having certain political responsibilities. In return, other tribes were expected to tithe to support the Levites. Levites served as Kohanim, the priests who administrated the Temple. Levites who were not Kohanim, were specifically assigned to singing and/or playing music in the Temple, serving as guards, and “carrying.” Here one finds another Temple authority passing by the assault victim! Note, one does not find Romans passing by the victim, but Temple priests and other Temple authorities. Once again, this narrative pinpoints exactly who and what Jesus opposed.

But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him, And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. And on the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence, and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him; and whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee.”

The crux of the story is that the hated Samaritans are also neighbors, Jewish neighbors, despite the fact the Temple hates and rejects them as such. In fact one finds in the conclusion below, nice guy Jewish Samaritans are better neighbors than Temple authorities because, unlike elite, Temple psychopaths, Samaritans have compassion for their Jewish neighbors.

Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves? And he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.

For those with eyes to see, clearly Jesus is depicting Temple authorities as merciless, haughty scum – which they in fact were. He then urges the Lawyer to reject the merciless administrators of the Temple and follow the path of mercy for all neighboring Jews, not just his Temple brethren, and one can bet their shekels this lawyer was a member of the Temple.
So whatta’ ya’ know, once again not a “gentile” or Negro is found anywhere in this story.
You know Cesar, I’m beginning to get the impression you really don’t like Christianity. You just don’t understand, Jesus loves us and will save you if only you accept him into your heart. After that, life will be all smarmy with hearts and flowers. Next thing you know you will be holding hands and drinking coke with the world; now won’t that be just special? So don’t delay! Dial Jesus today!
Bzzzzzz, I’m sorry, the number you dialed has been nailed to a cross and is no longer in service.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series.
The only folks that get under my skin more than flat-earthers are the C.I. people. I can even have more understanding for normie Christians than for C.I.
I always tell them, the C.I. folks: “No matter how much ruby lipstick, no matter how fine and white the robes, you will NEVER be able to turn a Semitic pig into an Aryan princess!”

Another thing I’ve always noticed: Jewish-ran Hollywood’s constant promotion of horror films that feature demon-possession and their feel-good films that tickle the sensibilities of Christians. On the one hand, you have flicks like The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, all the way up to today’s stuff like Paranormal Activity and a whole slew of other demonic-based movies. Then, on the other hand, you have films like Knowing (Nicholas Cage) and other types of films that push the idea of angels and such.
So (((Hollywood))) isn’t all about porn and torture. It churns out plenty of Christian-based paranormal films, horror, thriller, drama, comedy, etc. To tap into the Christian psyche, to give support to the narrative that there’s this big spiritual battle taking place in the ether around us all the time. It strengthens the superstitions that are already present within the Christianized Western mind.
And why is it that many Jews openly claim to be worshippers of “Lucifer” (or Satan)? Haven’t some of you actually heard or read where certain Jewish rabbis have said “In truth, we worship Lucifer”? Just do a bit of searching, you’ll find quote after quote along this vein. The Jews who say these types of “shocking” things are saying them for two purposes: to give validity to the Christian paradigm… and to foment Christian anti-Semitism, a much NEEDED element for Jewish control. Yes, Jews NEED the “religious bigotry” of Christianity, the “persecution” and “Othering”. Because, you see, their eternal-victim-status depends on it!
I could go into some deep, deep Advanced Jewology here but I know space is limited and it’s late in my “hateful” corner of the world. I just wish that more Whites would snap out of their myriad delusions and start to actually THINK again. Most of the Jews’ activities and tricks upon our people over the past two millennia are just SO obvious… if people would simply cast aside their fear and use those wonderful Aryan brains.

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