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Sexual degeneracy

Common behaviour?

In Luke Ford’s recent interview of the guy who hosts ‘blood sports’ in the Alt-Right, Jean-François Gariépy, this JFG said that he has had sex with a thousand different women (many teenagers he said elsewhere).
I must be living in a parallel universe, but is this common destructive behaviour there up in the north (I thought that only homos could be so promiscuous…)?

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Not at all.
In my life, I’ve not met a single female virgin.
Europe and the U.S. are equally as depraved as their mongrel counterparts. That’s for sure.

To get at the heart of what you’re asking, I’ve only met a single girl who was over the age of 12 and a virgin.
The second any sexual dimorphism appears their virginity is gone.

Engaging in sexual intercourse is easier than you think.You just need to act like a Nigger (fuck any slut you can find). Fags being extremely promiscuous is an extension of what happens when men lose their repression (and civilization is built on repression).
Also, Niggers are the faggiest demographic short of perhaps Jews and Gooks. You don’t get HIV that highly unless you’re getting fucked up the ass.

When the White Race was Christian, before the great apostasy, before the White Race took Existentialism to its’ collective bosom as its’ religion, there was no such things as “gay liberation”, no gay marriage, no gay this and gay that, gays and lesbians weren’t the arbiters of the culture, homosexuality was illegal, pre-marital sex was frowned upon and discouraged, divorce wasn’t quick and easy and “no fault” and divorce was not encouraged and certainly not celebrated like divorce is celebrated in Western culture now, abortion was illegal, smoking marijuana and taking drugs was NOT encouraged, was greatly DISCOURAGED . You all complain about promiscuity, homo and hetero promiscuity, yet you all rail against Christianity and Christian morality. Supposedly pagans are moral and upright. The White Race now is overwhelmingly pagan, so how come the pagan Whites are so sexually immoral?

Don’t be silly: Westerners are not pagans today. “Pagan” is Xtian newspeak for adepts of Hellenic culture, and there are no such people around us today (yesterday, though, an old man who knows Greek and Latin visited my house).
And you don’t need horrid Abrahamic religions in Europe (e.g. Islam) for sexual morality or the institution of marriage, which was rock-solid in Europe’s pre-Christian times.

You are absolutely right. What we clearly need is a cult that makes a life-long virgin of higher status than a mother, and which encourages men to leave their families to become life-long eunuchs.
What we clearly need is more of this:
“To destroy German paganism, Charlemagne proclaimed harsh laws applicable to those Germans under his control who refused to be baptised into Christianity. Eating meat during Lent, cremating the dead, and pretending to be baptised were all made punishable by death. In 768 AD, Charlemagne started a thirty-two-year long campaign of what can only be described as genocidal evangelism against the Saxons under his control in Western Germany.” – March of the Titans, Chapter 16: By Stealth and Steel-Christianity Pg. 129
That actually happened by the way.
What is it that makes you think that our Race’s achievements were directly due to Christianity rather than because we are the Race that we are? Why do you speak like the White Race would not have had these accomplishments if we were all Buddhists?

I suspect that has more to do with the fact that both men women don’t really like having children, compared to the easy satisfactions of promiscuous, commitment-free sex the pill and other forms of scientific birth control enable. Of course, undeniably there is a drive or instinct to have children, but this is all the more reason to suppose it’s not done by conscious deliberation. If you have to think about it, you don’t do it. That seems to be what the momentous change the “progress” represented by the development of scientific birth control, including abortion, represents and has shown us. Nowadays, unless the sex occurs spontaneously and catches her unprepared, the woman must make a conscious decision to conceive by ceasing to use birth control; and when she thinks it over, it’s increasingly common that she’d rather not. But if birth control methods were unavailable, the white birth rate would go back up. People would certainly not stop having sex, of that I can assure you.
Come to think of it, I’d go even further, and say that on some fundamental level, men and women don’t really even like each other, and would prefer to dwell apart if given the option. Were it not for the powerful pleasures of sex, and the evolutionarily-conditioned need for sex in order to reproduce, men and women really have very little in common. The thinking and behavior of each sex are quite different.
Anent Gariépy, I’ve never heard of him and know nothing about him, but based on the information linked, I would doubt his claim. His wiki entry, for example, says he wants children. But no true libertine wants children, except perhaps to abuse them. And if you want children, how on earth can you have sex with 1000 women and still have none? It makes no sense.

Were it not for the powerful pleasures of sex, and the evolutionarily-conditioned need for sex in order to reproduce, men and women really have very little in common.
As I have heard said, “If it weren’t for the pussy, there would be a ten dollar bounty on the pelt.”

How about this: Because it comes hand in hand with other destructive behaviours like alcoholism, tendencies to selfishness, drug addiction, depression and a higher risk of contracting STDs.
How about because hominids have not evolved to be promiscuous. We have evolved to find a long-term partner who can aid us in raising children. One cannot be promiscuous and help another partner raise a child into a healthy world. I think it is a good enough answer to understand that any society with a high enough psychoclass feel a natural revulsion to this type of behaviour, like the Arabs do. Aryans also felt a natural revulsion to this behaviour, until they became too civilised.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Lost Nobility of Man ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Man once strove to improve himself, to rise above the state of other animals on the planet. This was man’s quest for nobility among animals. Yet, in doing so, he lost even the basic harmonious state of his animal being to become the most voracious thief and destroyer of life on the planet.
When man first became aware of his consciousness, he thought, he pondered, considered the possibilities and began pursuing them. Realizing his power and the inherent dangers of those powers, he began limiting them, working instead to produce a noble state of being whereby he would move beyond the state of consuming the available resources to become the protector of those resources. Ultimately, he would strive to save other men instead of killing them, as did other animals.
Time passed. Progress was slow, setbacks were many. Other lesser men, still reduced to their animal state, began assuming the noble man’s natural power of leadership to take all they could; their greed knew no bounds. The noble man sought to limit lesser men with laws, but lesser men soon became clever enough to manipulate the noble man’s law to achieve their own avaricious ends. Before long, lesser men were killing other men faster than the noble man could protect them, while consuming his resources at a greater rate than the noble man could husband them.
Lesser men violently took what they thought belonged to them from everyone, especially those opposing them. They twisted the concepts of the noble man; raping, murdering, stealing in the name of his noble concepts. When other men bestowed the title of nobility on the noble man, lesser men stole the title to falsely cloak themselves with its honor and radiance.
Lesser men lied. They developed their lies to persuade others their cause was just, when it was nothing more than the lesser man’s inherently greedy, animal state exerting itself. “More for me, less for you – at your expense” are the words lesser men live by.
When the noble man increased his technological state to improve the state of others, lesser men stole his technology, using it to increase their own power and gain. Lesser men took the noble man’s technology and turned it into weapons to kill others simply to increase their personal gains. The more power lesser men gained, the less power the noble man exerted. As lesser men became ascendant, they pushed man’s nobility aside.
The ultimate triumph of lesser men was to convince the noble man to give up his quest for nobility and become lesser men like themselves. For the noble man, this was the end of nobility. As the noble man joined lesser men, returning to his base, animal state, there was no returning to the quest for nobility. Now man became the worst animal on the planet, destroying everything, including the nobility of man.
Like ravening wolves crazed by bloodlust, lesser men reveled in their new found technological power to kill, destroy and take whatever they wanted. This led to insanity among virtually all men. Man’s nobility was pushed into the background of lesser men’s insanity.
Now, as lesser men reign supreme over the planet, the nobility of man has been lost, never having achieved its pinnacle. Lesser men have returned mankind to its primitive, muddy beginning. Now all men root, rut and revel in their filthy state of existence, thinking only of what might be gained by narrow greed.
“What’s in it for me” they ask, scheming, plotting to take ever more of what was never theirs, never realizing their quest has become subject to the law of diminishing returns. While paying lip service to conservation, lesser men never really stop to ponder what might happen in the face of disappearing resources. Lesser men will steal and consume until there is nothing left to steal and consume – what then?
From the beginning, the noble man realized there is nothing here that lasts, nothing here that transcends death – save his nobility. Lesser men have never understood this and so live life in the pursuit of gaining things they can never keep. When man’s nobility is lost, nothing is left, save the empty, chitinous shells of soulless, lesser men.
Lesser men never realize life’s only real treasure lies in man’s noble nature. They never comprehend the noble state is the only thing that can pass death’s door. With man’s nobility lost, death reigns supreme. Thus, lesser men are doomed to die countless deaths, while the noble man dies but one.

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