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Poland & Andreas Donner

I am relocating the below entry I had posted at midnight to noon because I’ve just learnt that this is the group that organised the big nationalist march in Poland—something that destroys the effete discussion about ‘optics’ on this side of the Atlantic. Pace Anglin et al, what whites need is this imagery, not American flags!
This is the text I had originally posted at midnight:
I’ve just listened the interview in Radio Free Northwest of Andreas Donner: very critical of the Alt-Right and White Nationalism as these are a reactionary, not a revolutionary movement.
Tactically the Northwest Front men are right. But strategically I still think that the goal is the hostile takeover of all US à la Turner Diaries, especially its atomic bombs. Otherwise we would be nuked…

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A Northwest republic would certainly need weapons which could dissuade the US criminals from attacking with their nukes, and all the other covert and overt weapon systems they have. There is little doubt that the jews would use chemical, biological and nuclear devices to prevent the establishment of a white homeland anywhere, not just in the Northwest, so, a white revolutionary group would need such weapons to threaten the jews back. Considering the insane confrontational stance the US is taking against nuclear armed Russia at present one wonders whether it has weapons so advanced in its arsenal that it feels confident that it could win a nuclear war against the Russians or Chinese.

I find the notion of a Northwestern front absurd solely due to Covington’s attitudes towards women and the fact that it’s sort of become a running joke among the “movement”
Not to say that I don’t admire the notion of it though- but I think abandoning this continent is necessary and the thorough mesticization of the United States is a blessing in disguise. America really has little Nordic blood and in the places which it does, it is far from pure.

The American continent has a considerable amount of Nordic blood at the north of Río Grande, but they are rapidly destroying it due to Judaeo-Christian ethics (which is why I’ll continue today with my series on Deschner).

certainly not in my state.
I’ve seen maybe 5 natural blondes within the past week and many mestizos here identify as and are counted on the census as “white”
A place like Minnesota or Iowa is a real reservoir of European blood, but the south is nothing but mongrels.

What you wrote here is so often forgotten! Even if a European country went full NS, NATO or Russia would invade it and destroy it at all costs, à la the Prague Spring in 1968. Courage without weapons is futile.

I don’t think there are enough white males in the US who are racially minded to take the whole country back. And of the minority who are racist, hardly any of them have the fortitude and endurance to wage a war against the US government.
The USA is the most powerful country on Earth, having the largest military on the planet, ZOG’s multi-racial USAF. I can’t see how a tiny minority of racist white males can take down The Beast. There is no possibility of voting being a solution in America so the alternative can only be revolution/war but it is a very difficult situation indeed.

NF men have their Butler Plan and Covington says he needs 2,000 freedom fighters to start the civil war.
He may be dreaming but the problem is that meanwhile there are no lone-wolf Hunters as in Pierce’s novel. Breivik has demonstrated that it is possible.
You can imagine what would happen if Oscar Yeagers started to target TV anchors (sparing only Tucker and Hannity): hit-and-run actions to immediately cross the Mexican border and avoid being caught like Dylann. IMHO with a hundred Yeagers the System would start to crumble…

Covington said that in a lone wolf attack it is crucial that the perpetrator get away without being caught. This is what Joseph Paul Franklin (who Pierce dedicated Hunter to) did for years.
If white males were serious about their race’s survival they would be carrying out lone wolf attacks around the globe regularly. The fact nothing is happening proves us white males are currently too cowardly to survive.

Those would be Hunters are not even contacting me to help them get taxi driver jobs as incognitos after doing their mischief in the US. You see, an incognito Dylann could be taking a beer with me right now somewhere in this shit hole of 3rd world metropoli… ☺

covington’s NF is simply phantasy. the yoo tribes’s got both buz and revolt experience, active in gov admins at the higher levels running the necessary supply chains that keep the civilians controlled and running the private buz supply chains that keep the civilians satiated.
as the bolsheviks found out, break the governments and either install capable new administrators to keep all the government resources operating or folks die of lack of. cov’s NF’er are presently insufficent/ incapable tee bee/ iphone zombies.
alison weir documented the real world & successful invention of nation-state israel. took 100 years of fuking single focus, lots of money, viciously cruel buying of politicans and in general operating outside the law of the land whenever practical. whitie ain’t remotely close to that kind of commitment or competence. nor can whitie muster the hoards that it would take to overrun the big cities and administer the present state of the nation a one-two punch, starting with hollyworld east (washington dc) and west (la la land), and instantly following with the big cities of power in-between, rendering the military substantial pause to reflect on nuking those many centers from the land to stop the whitie hordes. while at the same time mustering iran’s necessary & required help to overrun the yoo state and burn it from the earth’s face to all its four corners.
we’re talking heavy heavy administration, only capable of a righteous dictator that convington ain’t. norman lincoln rockwell was the last candidate one could say was perhaps righteous. but he wasn’t the necessary dictator. whitie’s fuked for now.

Wasn’t it enough for Germans to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Poland in the span of half a decade? And didn’t Russians reversed the entire millennial German colonization of Mitteleuropa in as short of a time as 2 years?
It all doesn’t matter if a proper war is to be waged. But Americans have always been a nation of traders, not warriors.
@Cesar Lone wolves have never been the way of Europeans. Even National Socialists surrendered quite easily in WW2. And unlike in Soviet Russia, there was no guerilla warfare at all (Werwolf was a joke)! You may talk all you want about Hellstorm, but Germans were ultimately cowards in that cataclysm.
Look at Stalingrad. Paulus capitulated when there were 91,000 men still remaining! Compare that to the Japanese holdouts who continued fighting for 20 years. Or the civilians in Okinawa who committed suicide in thousands. It’s incomparable.

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