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War of the sexes, 28

Update: The following text is rough draft. The series has been substantially revised and abridged, and the section by the YouTube blogger Turd Flinging Monkey is available in a single PDF: here.

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The enemy of men

turd-flinging-monkeyThe nature of us males is the subject of a series of videos that the blogger titled “The enemies of men.” He starts by saying that there is no chivalry in the animal kingdom. We can imagine what would happen if a lioness attacked an adult lion in the wild. Only the bonobos and the humans behave deferentially toward physically abusive females, even when we are stronger.

A common cognitive mistake in our gynocentric society is the belief that women are masters of manipulation. “No, they’re not” responds the blogger. They didn’t plan the current status quo. “Our gynocentric society is the result of men oppressing other men [my emphasis] in order to pander to women for themselves. We are our worst enemy.”

Exactly, and I would add that our Judeo-liberal society is the result of whites oppressing whites in order to pander to the system for themselves. If women can vote it was because men competed among themselves and made a diabolical alliance with Eve’s serpent. Neither Jews nor women but we are our worst enemy. Analogously, for the blogger gynocentrism is enforced by us. “We men are our own jailers.”

Even after taking the red pill, the blogger claims, we are still slaves of our own biology (remember Sparks’ phrase “the sperm and its slave, the male body which produced it” in the fourth installment of this series). He illustrates his point by explaining the aspects of male nature that make us our enemies.

First, there is the instinct of domination. The blogger does not mention it, but this instinct is especially nasty among Aryans. Those bellicose Scandinavians could have easily conquered this continent and wipe out the Mongolid-American population that had crossed the Bering Strait, but they chose to fight among themselves. (In his table talks Hitler complains that this intra-racial bellicosity was only tamed with Charlemagne.) The blogger also fails to mention it, but Nordics have a more pronounced sexual dimorphism than Mediterraneans: something that explains a lot of their behavior. Aryan individualism also explains why Germany took so many centuries to become a nation.

Back to the blogger. If we want to overcome the gynocentric system the instinct of domination stands in our way. By inciting alphas to fight among themselves this instinct makes room for the gynocencrat betas. But the instinct of dominion has a luminous side. It is only a matter of how to tap its energy. In our times the right way, I would say, is through fascist militarism where upward mobility is available for the bellicose alphas.

For the blogger male dominance is equivalent to female hypergamy. We can understand human nature through both of them: the psychological aspects of survival and reproduction. By shaming the alpha males society has tamed its dominance instinct.

The most common tactic to attack MGTOW is shaming (remember once more the white nationalist hysteria at the comments section of The Daily Stormer when Anglin dared to debunk feminism). What separates MGTOW from the other anti-feminist groups is that they don’t care what women think. Most of the guys at the manosphere, says the blogger, are still looking for external validation. It is through shaming that the betas and the women control alpha males. The role that such system assigns us is humiliating madness (think of white girls sucking black dicks at this very moment), and even so Aryan men comply in search for external validation. “Not giving a shit is the secret to a happy life” says the blogger, who in one of these videos we learn that he served in Iraq. The war experiences helped him realize that the feminists used to give white feathers to white men and many took the shaming seriously to the point of going to war to get killed or maimed.

The ego that avoids public shaming by complying with the feminized system is thus another enemy of white males. The blogger illustrates his plain definition of “ego” by pointing out that skeptics are very good to debunk, say, paranormal claims. But once you put egalitarianism on the table, the secular skeptics make the sign of the cross and go into “immediate retards.” They become as believers of the irrational cult of equality as the Judeo-Christian religion they criticize.

Why do the skeptics have a blind spot, the blogger asks. Because they identify their egos with the egalitarian ideology that has been inculcated in their minds since their tender years, and it would be a blow to their egos to place their cherished ideology on the dock—precisely what the blogger himself fails to do regarding the scientific racism that he so vehemently rejects. “The problem is the ego” says the blogger. The ego is exactly what has him and those pseudo-rationalists who reject racism trapped in a cognitive jail.

But the blogger has a point in the final video of his series “The enemies of men,” the one devoted to the male sex drive. It is precisely our sexual drive the most dangerous factor within us. This revelation, uncommon even in the manosphere, moved me to reproduce this series.

caperuzaBefore puberty we didn’t think obsessively about women; we had other interests. After puberty the sexual drive overwhelms our psyche. Mother nature tricks us: the most primitive layer of our brain starts sending us signals to feel tremendous hunger of little reds ridding hoods. The blogger mentions fascinating scientific studies demonstrating that human males have a sexual drive about ten times stronger than the human females. During adolescence we start taking seriously the validation that the opposite sex offers to us. We are hardwired to be nice to beautiful girls, even when we are not thinking in sex.

Dominion and hunger of little reds have to do with survival and reproduction. But such a tremendous impulse has a dark side. Pandering to women in search for sex created the climate for universal suffrage. In 1869 in Wyoming the madness started. It was the first state that granted women the right to vote. There were six thousand men and only a thousand women. Bachelor men were feeling lonely. To attract women from other states they offered them the right to vote. For the blogger, women’s suffrage in 19th century America was the equivalent of Jewish emancipation in France for white nationalists: the origin of the tragedy. It started when sexually-starved white males wanted to get laid. Our lust destroyed civilization.

The blogger, who apparently is in his thirties, invites us to remember the rosary of imbecilities we have committed when the sex drive was behind the wheel in our respective biographies. He adds that we are only about 30 percent a bonding species, and 70 percent tournament species, and reminds us how in the past we went to war to kill the males and rape any little red we fancied. “This was part of the tournament.” Obviously, men were the primordial victims of such wars, as girls were too precious creatures for the wolves’ needs.

Nature made man inherently more disposable than women due to the dynamics of sexual reproduction. But it also made men, due to their disposability, bigger, stronger, smarter, etcetera. You see this in sexually dimorphic species, like the peacock.

Male peacocks are so beautiful not only to attract the female, but to divert the attention of the predators away from the rather invisible female. The peacock’s feathers are like our superiority. Think of the amazing constellation of male artists that the white race has produced. That’s why, says the blogger, when we embrace egalitarianism we are breaking the equilibrium, as almost all dimorphic species are patriarchal. Finally, the solution would be to clone, in an industrial scale, the cutest little reds we salivate for in order to artificially create the magic of male scarcity.

This last video soon got 120,000 hits, “by far the most viewed video of all time” said the blogger. In a follow-up he responds to the criticism of one of his phrases, that “men don’t need women.” Commenters complained that sex is a need, that we guys really need it. The blogger replies that we don’t need sex to live, and as an example he mentions the monks.

Conversely, as to the question “do women need men?” He answers: “Yes!” because the government is the man. It’s the taxes what artificially allows these spoiled women to make a living in addition to the male police, the military, etc. If all of these institutions disappeared women would start to die. Unlike sex, those are real necessities. This is so in spite of the fact that “men marry women; men have relationships with women because they are getting their asses.”

The blogger tells us that in the manosphere the subject of men’s nature is not discussed. His pals spend their time discussing women’s nature. But if we don’t know ourselves we won’t solve the problem. That has been the goal of this series: know thyself.

Always remember: “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster” (Sun Tzu). The blogger ends his video with the plea that we must not allow that our sex drive reduces our lives to ruins. We gotta be conscious of our base instincts! Autobiographically, I will try to expand this premise in From St Francis to Himmler.

5 replies on “War of the sexes, 28”

I wish to add one thing, that alpha males can’t be controlled, in that shaming attempts slide off real men. I think shaming makes there be less real men around but real men are in fact immune to it. Shaming that is in the media and liberal philosophy of our time is not the main problem, that’s just what is put on top of our already Christian riddled psyche.

The true shaming takes place during childhood, where the child is passed down all the emotional issues each parent has. A child today receives 1500 of years of Christianity from each parent, Christianity being really a program of destroying the white soul through inducing trauma, it is not hard to understand how we are where we are. A person’s strength today comes from how well their ancestors resisted Christianity on a spiritual level, i.e. how much they rejected the shame, guilt and fear it attempted to manifest within each and every Aryan person. The slaves in the east are of much stronger spirit today than westerners, despite their inferior racial status, and this is because Christianity was not as prolific there as it was in the west. A real man today is one from a family line who for whatever reason didn’t succumb to Christianity in the way that the average liberal’s family line did, the difference in inner quality between a liberal and your run of the mill working class English man is staggering, and the tragedy is the liberal is the way he is through trauma at childhood, i.e. emotional abuse, then he goes on to live a life effectively as a Jew, hated by everyone as being weak cucked and no true personality, and on the way to a rude awakening (perhaps, hopefully), life’s not fair eh?

If you can be cucked as a male, then you are the problem. Same way a kid being beaten by niggers in school has a problem, a weakness, that’s why he is targeted, not excusing the savages, but at the end of the day it’s nature. I think Christianity simply made white men easy, now they are the game instead of in ancient times when women were. What women are really attracted to is men as we were in the ancient times, Truly violent men, with an air of war and also tragedy surrounding them, because women are as Nietzsche said evil. They love men capable of horrific violence they just don’t love to see the violence take place.


The blogger here makes some good points, but again you do shaming too. You blame a child for being targeted by nogs. Amerikwa has set it up such that nogs can kill with impunity and they get no punishment. If I defend myself or my kids I am perceived as wrong and get legal punishment. You obviously do not live in the States or you would know this.

I have fought for my son who got targeted not because he is weak, but because this country hates Nordics. And no just nogs hate Nordics, but many Other Whites who in my mind can go eff themselves. Do you have kids? I bet not based on what you have written. I am a WOMAN and I almost went to jail for defending my son. Got that? And I have no shame for what I have to do or will do. Shame rolls off me because I truly do not give a shyte.

All this “talk” of manliness and gynocentrism et al is a waste of time. Women are not the problem, DieVersity is the problem. Anyone who comes to this blog who is not racist or who does not engage in race realism is a moron. Hillary Clinton by the way supported Margaret Sanger, the woman who put forth Planned Parenthood, an organization that has enabled the USA to stay majority white thank God.

I have worked in cities where there are more shootings than there are in Iraq. Not to disrespect the military as I had a great uncle die in WWII, but there has been much trauma and carnage AT HOME in the Kwa over the last two decades that what happens in some military deployments pales in comparison. Walk through North Philadelphia one night – THAT is war.

All this talk of cloning and humping little red riding hoods is stupidity. All this TALK of manliness is stupidity. Women are not evil just because they are women. PEOPLE are evil – men and women.

Only pu44ies blame today’s problems on women.

I have no shame. I am not a Christian. I am a Germanic slav female that is tired of men blaming women for the woes of the West. No one said you had to go to war. You went because YOU wanted to be joe heroe and then you came back and recognized that !oh snap! people did not give a shyte. Of course they do not. Welcome to the reality of thankless work. Teachers and police get assaulted all the time. Female teachers have been murdered. Your ass is alive. Be thankful for what you have and stop bitching. Hug your kids and fuck your wife.

Women have been birthing and caring for kids for centuries. Do we get pensions and medals for that? Moving on….

Well no I don’t really blame the child, there is something wrong with the child due to the way he was raised, so I would in fact be blaming you in this situation, or your husband, or lack thereoff.
Any successful white society had excluded women from any political influence, any position of power, I.e. Men made up the whole leadership class, because women lack the capacity for objective thought. Which would be fairly obvious to any MAN here reading your post.
You then say I am bitching, while the only thing that could be misconstrued that way on my part is saying “women are evil”, which is understandable, thought still false because I am not complaining about it instead merely stating it.
Though I could go on forever analysing your points, the discrepancies, how you are merely projecting your nature onto me with the “bitching” accusation, I.e. You think I have a personal stake and am trying to get some recompense from this blog for it, though it is you who is in that position not me.
I could go on and prove myself morally right, true 100% to the male readers of this blog but you would still not have any of it and still believe yourself fundamentally correct. That is why women were excluded from any leadership class, you are intellectually inferior. Men talking to women on the grounds of intellectually equality can only result in an impasse. Like this would be here if it continued, which it won’t because I refuse to waste any time which could be spent on more important things like pissing in the wind.

It is MY fault that a TWO parent household raised their son badly to have no manners and to have no self control.

Let me say this too moron…I do not blame the father, nor the kid, I blame the mother because she coached her son to come after mine to get $! How ghetto! Yet I do blame him because he chose the wrong woman. But that is okay. Do not listen because all of us women are the same to you. It is all pink on the inside is it not?

My kids get complimented all the time on their manners and how well they do in school. There is nothing wrong with my son, only adult asses like yourself who target your rage at others and blame them for YOUR issues. THAT is the problem, that being men who feel sighted because some

You are right. I am now pissing in the wind. Goodbye.

“Know your enemy…”

“What a great advantage a man can have over women, if he only knew what cold and calculating thoughts are going through her mind…. while her eyes are brimming with tears.” – (((Esther Vilar)))

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