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Ethno-suicidal murkans

19th-century cartoon depicting Jack FrostJack Frost’s latest quotable quote on the Christian problem moved me to dig a little more on The Occidental Observer’s threads. Frost’s comments, almost identical to one of our theses in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour—that the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem, deserve single entries in this site.

Among other subjects, ten days ago a TOO commenter said:

When we get a chance to vote we always cite against immigration and affirmative action we still vote pro American and pro White.

Frost responded:

It’s hard to square this with the election of Obama, the affirmative action President; or with the enormous popularity of Eisenhower, who integrated American schools at bayonet point, and whose greatest achievement was crushing white racial consciousness in Germany; or with the apotheosis of Lincoln, who re-founded on principles of racial equality what had originally been a white supremacist nation.

I’ll be adding more threaded comments soon.

5 replies on “Ethno-suicidal murkans”

Dwight D. Eisenhower was highly popular primarily because of the large scale prosperity and development of the modern consumer society in America during his rule as president. He was associated with a strong dollar, economic growth and the creation of the mass consumer society. During Ike’s rule, all Americans became consumers. Prior to that in 1930s or 1920s Americans were much more poorer. Distribution of wealth far more unequal. Eisenhower administration created the environment of mass consumption culture for every american.

Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

Americans are niggers. All of them. I never used to think this way and even a year ago I did not, but I view most Americans today, even those who are ‘white’ as niggers.

Niggers neb. They do not mind their own business. Their identity is wrapped up in not looking inward but looking outward via covetousness. America was founded on self-reliance and by people who wanted to mind their own business so to speak. The Puritans and others worked together but homes and families had boundaries. Hence the saying “fences make good neighbors’. Not anymore, now Murkan niggers are in each others’ space via “Freakbook” and other Communist prole feeds.

Community, not communism.

Many Americans have no sense of identity so they look outward and compare themselves with others for validation and approval. So not what the original America was about.

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