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Censorship at Counter-Currents

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On homosexual “marriage”

4 replies on “Censorship at Counter-Currents”

Just as Christians will always put their belief in the Jewish cult ahead of their own race, so Johnson puts his own deviancy ahead of his race. Johnson may write well, apparently, but is the white race any further from destruction since he first ‘put pen to paper’? What has actually done? He would better serve his race by not focussing on his own sexual predilections.

I don’t try to post anything act Counter-Currents any longer. If you don’t toe the curiously pro-gray, pro-Hitler, and exterminationist agenda- you will get censored. The gaydar goes off right away.

Johnson has revealed his irrelevancy. The blind leading the blind.

This Syrian fella has some smarts. He’s outsmarted Johnson all over the place. Congrats to him.

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