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Liberals—about to be mugged by reality

Takuan Seiyo is half-Jewish. Nationalists must be aware of this fact. This said, some chapters of his online From Meccania to Atlantis, a serial being published in The Brussels Journal, are worth reading. The “Body-snatched Pod” metaphor of the film is one of the best I have seen to understand liberals. I would recommend watching the trailer of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (here).

Below, some excerpts from a couple of chapters of From Meccania to Atlantis (no ellipsis added between unquoted paragraphs):

European Commissioners opine that “Immigration Is Moral Necessity” and “Islam Is Welcome.” A French President predicts that “Arabic Is the Language of the Future.” A Moroccan becomes Mayor of Rotterdam. Europeans who wish to assert their ethnic identity and interests versus those of aliens are roughed up.

In the United States—a country that has ruined itself through its own naïveté about human nature, about the world and about itself, the presidential election is being contested between a right-liberal candidate of the Stupid Party and a left-liberal candidate of the Evil Party. The latter’s position is that America’s wealth should be redistributed to the Afro-American “community” so that the country can have its salvation. He may have rephrased this idea in more unctuous words as his political shrewdness was increasing over the years, but essentially this is still the intention.

Soon enough the United States will be turning from a stupid form of capitalism to a stupid form of socialism, and from a stupid form of multiculturalism to an evil one—of the Eurabian kind. It will be Sweden West, without the virtues that ethnic Swedes still possess.

To begin with, who are “we”?

One Identity

We are the ethno-conservatives—perhaps 60 million people in Western Europe, North America and Oceania. There are probably four times that number who are like us, but they are latent, unable at this time to cut through the fog of suppressive propaganda and inertia.

We are vastly outnumbered, and have few friends among the leading elites of the Western world. But it helps to remember that 185 million ex-Russia, non-Muslim Eastern Europeans are behind us. Living under Soviet tyranny has immunized them against the terrible mental virus that has ravaged the West. They have their own problems, related to economic development, but their combined weight is on our side. We ought not to forget who came to the rescue of Vienna and Western civilization in their hopeless encirclement in 1683.

Our common denominator is not white, for our most numerous and powerful opponents are also white. Rather, it is our opposition to our disfranchisement, marginalization and impoverishment by our own ruling elites in government, media, education, culture and business.

In America, we steam for having been abandoned by our government to mayhem and rape by illegal aliens. This is so obvious, that our ruling elites’ willful subversion of this precept is the greatest act of mass treason and insanity in the history of the world.

Jihad is an opportunistic infection that lay dormant as long as the West was strong and self-confident. The West’s own impairment of its cultural immune functions and the related importation of millions of Muslims has allowed the dormant jihadi virus to thaw and flourish.

We need our particular ethnicity and our singular culture, as other peoples need theirs. In contrast, the ruling American elite—including Republicans—has gone mad to such an extent that “minorities” are now over 1/3 of America’s population, soon to be half. And the EU ruling elite is welcoming, nay, soliciting, an Islamic wave that will accomplish what it failed previously at Tours, Lepanto and Vienna.

Together, they have brainwashed two generations of Westerners so effectively that the majority of whites in the world, notably among the young, celebrates “diversity”—i.e. their peoples’ and Western Civilization’s inevitable dissolution—as their core value. It is against this part of the population, and the politicians and subversive intellectuals who hold their puppet strings, that I believe we ought to define ourselves.

The Pods

Most contemporary whites are docilely or actively complicit in their own displacement, disappropriation, and disproportional share of rape, battery and murder by more savage peoples who have fewer scruples.

That’s why I think of them as “Pods” and of us as “Nonpods.” I use these words in the context of one of the great masterpieces of American cinema, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, released in 1956 and directed by Don Siegel, based on a novel by Jack Finney. In it, a doctor returns to a small California town to find out that one by one, its people, most of whom he has known all his life, have been replaced by dopplegängers.

These emotionless beings animated by a single instinct—proliferation—develop from large, foaming seedpods; in effect a biological production line for lifelike automatons, set up by evil space aliens.

One by one, real people disappear—acquaintances, friends and ultimately the protagonist’s girlfriend, until he remains the sole nonpod, encircled by human-like, giant legumes: the Body Snatchers.

Pods whose previous identities have been snatched and extinguished seem to be multiplying in our world too, and they are passionate in their hatred—of us. Middle-aged men and women who demonstrate publicly their desire for Europe to remain European are beaten up by Antifa gangs half their age and twenty times their number.

Pods view biological race and gender differences as social constructs, and therefore social group differences as an unjust inequality that must be rectified by reconstructing society. They view nation, ethnoculture, and private property as obsolete obstacles in the way of freedom, equality and fraternity of all people. Therefore, the right of anyone to immigrate anywhere precedes the right of the one suffering the destruction of his social capital by this immigration.

They view the refusal to tolerate the intolerable as unacceptable intolerance, and the desire to protect and preserve one’s family, community, country and culture as racism and xenophobia. And lastly, they have stood Jesus’ metaphor on its end, so that they fail to see the beam in the nonwhites’, non-Christians’ eye, but they see and greatly magnify the speck in their own peoples’ eye.

This is deep, delusionary dementia. This mental disorder is now the dominant orientation of the Western peoples, with its triumphant apotheosis, The One We Have Been Waiting For, coasting on the final approach to the most powerful job in the world, so that he can change the world into Pod kingdom.

Barack Obama is expected to receive 75-80% of the white vote in many urban areas of the United States. If this is not having one’s body and soul snatched, nothing is.

From Chapter 11: “Mugged by Reality

The Pinocchio regime

The grand Body Snatcher project of erasing race-ethnicity-religion-culture-gender distinctions does not, of course, erase them. It merely, in the manner of a babbling baby, starts calling da-da what was previously doo-doo, as if through this onomatopaeic transfiguration shit could be turned into father.

The willful lying about reality, the manipulation of language and images to disguise such lies, the teaching and enforcement of the lies and the persecution of those who challenge the lies is the chief occupation of the regime of Meccania.

Even the few politicians and journalists who take a principled stand against immigration lie. Culture can be reliably correlated with the quartet, and only the full quartet, of race, ethnicity, religion and social class. But to do that would be to commit the dreaded crime of “discrimination.” In Meccania, one cannot discriminate on pain of severe penalties. But the ultimate peril is to Meccania itself.

Reality will continue to discriminate, no matter what Body Snatchers say or do. And a clash between a reality-averse ideology and Reality has the same pre-ordained outcome as a test crash between a knockoff car and a wall. It’s only a question of the speed, acceleration, mass and distance of the lying car from the solid wall.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPpU5azjCB8&hl=es_ES&fs=1&]

The virus is pitiless and catholic, though limited to the (previously) white West alone. In Sweden, there is a plague of rapes committed by Muslim immigrants. As Muslim immigrants in Malmö increased to 25% of the population, the number of rapes tripled. The Rosengård area is largely no-go even for the Swedish police. But the authorities blame the rapes on warm weather, alcohol, Internet dating sites and increase in reporting rape. Fjordman quotes a leading Swedish journalist, Helle Klein, “If the debate is about that there are problems caused by refugees and immigrants, we don’t want it.”

By the time Ms. Klein personally will have already been crash-tested by Reality. Debate will no longer be an option, only submission.

Male-dominated societies like China and Russia aggressively threaten the West’s vital interest, and Islamic patriarchal primitives ravage it from without and within, but the West is busy feminizing itself further, confusing its genders, enforcing gender and race quotas to elevate non-deserving and incompetent nonwhites or non-males, lying to itself outrageously about innate group differences.

E = mv2

The energy released by the impact of Snatcher State’s smashup against the Wall of Reality may or may not be expressible in elegant mathematical formulas, but it’s clearly related to the mass hurling forward toward the “progressive” future, times some order of velocity.

The mass is incalculably enormous. Snatcher State now controls every part of every sphere of activity in every Western country. Through Gramscian education, Snatcher State has controlled the brains of the last three generations of its subjects.

The velocity is quite dizzying too. In the Eurabian districts of Meccania, one can compute the approximate date of impact by comparing demographic data on immigration and fertility rates of Muslim immigrants versus those of indigenous Europeans. The meeting with The Wall will occur around mid-21st century. The consequences of the impact are visible now, 40 years in advance.

The crash may take 100 years to unfold fully, just as the test truck folds in slow-motion upon meeting the wall. But its shape is on display in the once-thriving parts of Christian civilization such as North Africa, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, and in once-peaceful and Buddhist countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s on display now in every country where a minority of another race and faith lives among a Muslim majority.

Detroit has already met The Wall. Its industry is shattered. It looks like a post-Apocalypse city. It has the highest per-capita crime rate in North America, probably in all of Meccania: 1,220 violent crimes per 100,000. 84% of Detroit’s population is black, voting strictly by racial allegiance and electing criminal, incompetent mayors and a city council of crude, whitey-bashing ignoramuses.

These problems are impossible to fix, because the ruling Body Snatchers are racist cowards who tacitly hold black (and mestizo) people to lower standards of conduct than they do Whites.

It’s more difficult to know what ultimate shape America’s Wall will take, for its Snatchers (as in the U.K.) come in three flavors: “Progressive,” Liberal and Pseudo-Conservative, whereas in continental Europe they are all from the Left mold. Nevertheless, three things seem solidly in America’s future:

One is the destruction of the dollar and of America’s capitalist model itself. The second item is the inevitable crash of the global economy. In the West, this will impact the U.S. the most. In either case, Americans will have only their White Pod elite to blame, going back to 1965.

Eurabia will know it has hit The Wall when the muezzin’s call issues from the tower of the Westerkerk. Europe’s secular-socialist feminists will have experienced The Wall when they choose themselves to wear the full body chador rather than suffer spontaneous and frequent street violence. The society that swoons at transvestite politicians, gay marriage, homosexual indoctrination in schools and “empowerment” of men-hating Marxist women will know the test of Reality when its fertility rate is no longer 1.3 but 0.65.

Before the impact

The crash seems inevitable. The momentum is enormous. The steering wheel is in the unprisable grip of crash-test dummies. A large majority of the passengers are altered Pods, happy to be on a ride toward a democratic, “progressive” future—peaceful, diverse, integrated, free of discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, inequality and all things nasty.

Eventually, when the Wall of Reality is so close, all but the chief priests of the Pod cult will want to bail out from the speeding vehicle. There is nothing like imminent pulverization to reprogram a chip in a hurry. But by then, the velocity will be such that staying or jumping will make no difference.

We might speculate as to the full dimensions of the crash. In areas where the population is less brainwashed, e.g. some parts of the U.S., Australia, Switzerland and Italy, it may avert the crash altogether.

The way to exit the Pod vehicle is to separate from the Body Snatchers. Persuasion, rhetoric, political propaganda, electoral politics cannot do it. A chip that has been molded to oscillate only at one frequency cannot be made to vibrate to another.

Who are the anti-Pods? The “simple folks” who study and work and pay their bills and go through life under their own steam.

It’s people who volunteer for military service rather than attend pacifist demonstrations under a security umbrella provided by the soldiering of others. Who own guns and are ready to defend their families, because they know that Podism breeds crime and the police are always too late. Who marry only those with whom nature has made breeding possible, and who go through the tribulations of raising and providing for their brood. It’s a minority of professionals and intellectuals who had enough inner strength to go through years of Pod indoctrination and peer pressure at university and on the job without losing their hold on Reality’s compass.

Exodus fundamentals

First, singularity. Podism is a single viral pathogen that knows no boundary of territory, culture, language or religion, except it’s limited, as though by a genetic mutation, to people of European origin alone.

Exodus is not simply a flight from high taxes, street crime or ethnic discrimination. When the totem of faked, forced equality hovers like a giant Moloch over Western Civilization, there remains only one option for cultural survival: construct a new civilization—a new civilization that restores and reinvigorates the old one. It will be described hereafter as Atlantis.

Anti-Pods in each town ought to strive to live next to each other, on the same street, in close proximity. When more move in, more contiguous streets. A neighborhood. Anti-Pod café-salons. Anti-Pod clothing stores selling (only high-quality) clothing made by anti-Pods on patterns from the 50s. An anti-Pod radio station and Community-TV channel and an anti-Pod film theatre running only films free of Snatcher propaganda. Anti-Pod schools and kindergartens.

Right there you see the problem. For Meccania has laws that constrain its citizens’ freedom in many of these areas. In Germany, they’ll throw you in jail for home-schooling your child. In the U.S., some Snatcher judge will find a way to coerce you to accept Pod residents and employees, and rehab clinics or mosques for Pod clients, and Pod media content, and Pod schooling.

True self-government for anti-Pods will not be possible in any of the major cities of the West—except after the crash. Hence, for anti-Pods for whom it’s possible, the goal should be to move away from all centers where Snatchers dominate, to populate villages, towns and provinces that have the fewest Pods and Pod-clients.

The ultimate step would be secession.


Conservatives are about to be mugged by reality

I’ve just read “Destroy White Nationalism,” a rant written by Brett Stevens last year where he quotes from other critics of white nationalism, especially critics of the vanguard:

The vanguardist is a peculiar species of White Nationalist with a range that extends across cyberspace. This political animal has a number of discernible, trademark characteristics. Specifically, a “vanguardist” is someone who believes:

(1) Conservatives are worthless

(2) Ordinary people are lemmings

(3) Worse is better

(4) The system is broken

(5) A collapse is coming

(6) They will benefit from this collapse

(7) A massive Jewish conspiracy is responsible for their plight

(8) Revolution is the only solution

No need for a point-by-point rebuttal of Stevens’ screed of which the above is just a quotation. I only look forward that conservatives who believe that “racism is some sort of perverse desire” will soon be mugged by reality—as can be surmised in the recent reviews of Schiff’s book on America’s coming bankruptcy.

Europe Germany Michael O'Meara United States

America’s unpardonable crime

Note of April 16, 2013. Just because the photo of that lovely German town with a blue background does not combine with the reddish framework of this blog, today I moved this article: here.

Currency crash Peter Schiff United States

Peter Schiff’s latest book

Below, excerpts of some of Amazon’s reviews of the recently released The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy.

I have spent the past four years unlearning all the nonsense we are taught in public schools. The [book’s] message is clear, to the point and given in a manner that anyone should be able to understand. Peter is a great American as well as his dad, Irwin Schiff who has his own library of books that are must-reads.

This book is a super reference and commentary of our current economic reality and likely pending disaster. After reading the hardcover copy, I’ve found this book to be an ideal compendium of today’s economic realities that encouraged me to also purchase the audio edition to share with my teenage kids in the car in hopes that they will get their minds wrapped around the inevitable realities we will all be forced to address in our own lives.

Last but not least, Mr. Oliver Wyman, the gentleman that reads The Real Crash in the audio edition has a wonderful tone with his voice and is a joy to listen to. He demonstrates a perfect balance of enthusiasm for his reading and the subject without being overly dramatic. Perfect clarity in his voice and a listening pleasure.

Peter Schiff predicted the housing bubble and explained how it was created in foresight better than anyone has explained in Hindsight! I had only heard of him this year in February and had no knowledge in economics. I tuned into schiffradio.com everyday since and have learned so much in economics (plus watching all Peter Schiff videos on YouTube). I bought his book, How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes and learned fundamental economic principles that got me ready to understand this book. The Real Crash is a great book. In it, Peter explains where we were, where we are, and where we are headed and what we can do to save ourselves from this crash. Schiff makes it easy for people who don’t know that much about economics to understand what is going on. I highly recommend this book, and recommend you get your friends and family to buy a copy. Save yourselves. Thanks Peter.

I was first introduced to Peter Schiff in a documentary called Tegenlicht (Backlight) on Dutch television in 2008. In this TV documentary Schiff already foresaw the crash of 2008. From that moment on I started to follow him. From the first moment on this guy made absolute sense. Common sense. From listening to his radio show every day I kinda knew what to expect from his new book. The book was no disappointment. It was again a revelation. Schiff has excellent historical understanding on things and he knows how to connect all the dots. The predictions in this book will come true. I like to compare Schiff with the Greek mythological prophet Cassandra. She was able to see future events but nobody believed her even when the events happened. This is now known as the Cassandra Syndrome. Let’s hope it’s different this time with this book.

Mr. Schiff might have titled this book “The Real Economy”. Using logic, history, and actual cases he takes us through recent bubbles and busts. Mr. Schiff’s track record is pretty good, he accurately predicted the real estate bust two years before 2008.

Central to this book is the idea that it’s impossible to separate the economy and politics. Political agenda creates the economic playing field, and the media adds to our misunderstanding.

If only the boneheads in Washington and the Fed would pay a little attention to what Schiff is saying we might be able to avert economic disaster, but I’m not holding my breath; they didn’t listen before the crash in 2008 and they are not going to listen now. At least individuals can read this book and do what they can to protect themselves from the impending economic disaster created by our overlords in DC.

I get depressed when I read books like this. The Real Crash will likely suffer the same unfortunate fate as the other great books written by Austrian economists and libertarian philosophers. That is, despite offering an insightful and precise look at what is wrong with our current economic system, it will largely be ignored by the uninformed and ignorant masses. The “educated” Keynesians will pass it off as nonsense while simultaneously promoting the systems that are now falling in domino-like fashion around us.

It’s easy to accept statism. One only needs to turn on the TV and vote for Obamney to maintain the status quo. It’s not easy to accept the ideas found within this book. The rationality that governs Schiff’s writing isn’t within the realm of capability for most. It takes genuine thought and deliberation.

Peter Schiff has done it again. I truly believe that there’s nobody better at explaining macroeconomics and sound-money policy to the masses than Schiff. Unfortunately, the folks who really need to be reading this book (today’s political class) either aren’t interested or don’t have the aptitude to fully grasp the suggestions that Schiff outlines in The Real Crash. It’s a shame. Make no mistake: the “Real Crash” that Schiff is predicting will come—unfortunately, when it does many Americans will see their savings and standard of living squandered before it’s all over.

If you read this book and still can’t believe that his predications can be true, I encourage you to think back to how excited you were in 1999 when your dot.com portfolio was going through the roof. Then, think back to 2005 when your home value was skyrocketing. How are both of those investments doing for you these days? (Schiff accurately predicted both of those collapses as well). Don’t make the same mistake a third time. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times and my retirement savings and standard of living will evaporate.

You’ll never read accurate information like you’ll find in this book within today’s mainstream media. You have to decide—do you want patently false “good news” or accurate and timely bad news (Schiff) that will protect you and the ones you love? When it comes to protecting my family, my choice is clearly the latter. As Schiff often says, “Medicine tastes bad, but you have to take it in order to get better”.

I consider Schiff one of the greatest threats to those who would destroy our nation, an unusually well-informed and even keeled speaker, and strong writer. (I discount my misconceptions of what this book was supposed to be about but limit my review to 4 stars due to the typos.)

Our Government has been doing since 1971. The debt and GDP have risen in tandem since that time period. Overwhelming in size and not payable and aided by a zero interest rate, this is the perfect storm, black swan, or whatever you want to call it for the decline of the dollar. Only distractions in Europe and other places temporarily worse off is buying time. Time we are wasting by not listening to Mr. Schiff.

Ayn Rand once said, “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everyone has decided not to see.” In this book, Mr. Schiff has done a great job of just that, showing what should be obvious to the mainstream economists and politicians, even though they refuse to acknowledge reality: That the problems facing this country won’t be solved with just a superficial change in leadership or slightly altering our current economic path, but are deep, fundamental problems that will result eventually in the “real crash”. Of course, this will make it likely that this book will be ignored by most, until it eventually can’t be ignored any longer.

We’ll get Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation because it’s the path of least resistance for the criminal elite, and because their actions with bailouts, quantitative easing, and money creation show it’s the path they have clearly chosen. Please buy precious metals only after you’ve heavily stocked-up on necessities like long term storage foods, ammo and other items you won’t be able to buy post-crunch.

This book does an excellent job of summarizing the government policies and programs that are leading the U. S. to economic Armageddon.

A big part of what has allowed the American government to borrow as much as it has (and to keep on borrowing now) is the fact that the American dollar is the world’s reserve currency, which means it is always in demand, and hence people and organizations have been willing to act as creditors in order to get it. For Schiff, though, the sheer size of the debt, and the fact that it is running away faster and faster everyday (and has no realistic chance of ever being repaid) will sooner or later turn investors away from considering the American dollar a valuable reserve—at which point it will lose its status as the world’s reserve, and investors will stop investing in it.

At this point, the American government will have but two options. It can either declare bankruptcy, or it can print the money it needs to pay its debt. In either case, an enormous crash will result, for in the first case, an astronomical sum of money that the economy had assumed existed will suddenly be wiped away, and in the latter case hyperinflation will set in, and the American dollar will be whittled down to worthless.

At this point, the country will be forced to start over.

Personally I believe Mr. Schiff predictions will come true and he’s one of the reasons I’ll be dropping out of college to prepare for this life-changing event of the dollar crisis.

I’ve studied economics in college for 6 years, yet by far I’ve learned more about economics from just reading Peter Schiff’s books. He has cleared up more liberal thinking fallacies than any economist since Hazlitt, Rothbard, Hayek or Bastiat.

I came across this book just as I finished reading Paul Krugman’s latest offering, End This Depression Now. It is clear that Krugman doesn’t understand what money is and wouldn’t dream of considering that the Federal Reserve is the problem. Luckily for us Schiff does, providing us with simple common sense solutions based on sound economics. The solutions are indeed nasty but the alternative is frightening to imagine.

Protect yourself accordingly.

Christendom Deranged altruism

Either you accept a nigger Pope…

or burn in Hell eternally!

At Gates of Vienna, a fanatic commenter said:

As a Deacon, my number one duty and concern is for the human soul, to which I will post one last question to you: Cardinal Arinze (may God bless him and grant him 100 years) is from Nigeria and was very close to being Pope, were in not for the election of our blessed Pope Benedict. If he were elected would you have let him “govern” you in all spiritual matters?

If you would reject a Cardinal, Pope, Priest or ANY cleric who is orthodox in teaching and in a position of authority simply because you don’t like the color of his skin, then you are an anathema to toe One True and Holy church and may be condemning your immortal soul to the fires of hell.

Once again, I ask if this means anything to you.

Source: here

Free speech / Free press United Kingdom Wikipedia


Note of 2016 – I’ve now removed the whole content of this post: see first comment below.

Blacks Ethnic cleansing Ukraine

Ukrainians are pretty cool

Source: here

Ancient Rome Degeneracy Hate Justice / revenge Real men William Pierce

The future is for the bloodthirsty,

not for the alt-righters

Panina said

There are very tangible reasons to stop associating with the “white nationalist” movement:

1) It is dead. Anyone with two eyes, a brain and enough courage can attest this fact. Though disappointing, it is understandable that it has not achieved a single victory in its entire history. What is far more problematic is that it is losing adherents and sympathizers at a steady pace instead of gaining new ones. This is a raw estimation, but I don’t think there are more than 50,000 active and declared WNs in the entire US territory as of now… That’s called a sect, a cult.

2) It is pathetic. Read Stormfront, the world hub of WNism, to understand what I mean. Who wants to associate with those who post there? I’d rather live among Hispanics or Asians than among the lowbrow skinheads, mixed-race “Whites”, Slavs, feminist women and Christian creationists of Stormfront.

3) The term “white nationalism” bothers me because “white” is too vague. I’ve seen enough specimens of white Untermenschen in my life to understand that skin color alone is unfortunately not enough, in times of accelerating dysgenism, to assert the nobility, intelligence and probity of someone.

I like the terms “realism” (since were are, in fine, observers and accepters of scientific truths), “white advocacy”, “pro-white” (which has a double meaning), or “new right”.

I replied…

White nationalism is a term for American whites (I have the impression you live in Europe. Am I wrong? I for one live in Mestizo America). American whites need a nation now that they are becoming a minority.

I don’t believe that the movement is dead. It’s just a tiny embryo that has chances to grow after the dollar crashes.

It has scored zero victories not because the story of the movement or the character flaws of nationalists, but because after the war America reached a period of economic prosperity unparalleled in history, and now that I am studying the history of the decline and fall of Rome it’s clear that people tend to become lazy and even self-destructive in periods of easy panem and free circenses. If we have to blame something, we must blame the increasingly degenerate westerners of the last forty or fifty years.

The movement has no chance to make a real breakthrough unless and until the dollar crashes. After the coming financial armageddon we will experience runaway racial turmoil in western cities and after that continuing crisis, since the race problem cannot be solved until the ethno-state is established in NorthAm and non-whites expelled from Europe. Then the entire world will suffer from the peak-oil, energy devolution crises. The convergence of catastrophes predicted by Faye will become reality for sure. All of this will happen within the lifetimes of some of us, and contrary to Greg Johnson et al’s reactionary, non-revolutionary stance, I look forward to watch, as Pierce put it, “blood flowing ankle-deep in the streets of many of Europe’s great cities.”

Yesterday I listened the two hours of the opening podcast of Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl’s new internet radio show. It was good. If I were billionaire I’d purchase Fox News and invite these bloggers for a daily show. The sound of their voices is exactly right during pre-crash America.

But there’s no question that the dollar will collapse. And after the collapse people will be mad as hell. Then, and only then, will bloodthirsty revolutionaries like me have a chance.