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Christendom Deranged altruism

“Christianity is simply too universalist…”

I think James Whistler makes a good point when he says that “everybody knows” Wall Street is run by Jews, just like “everybody knows” Hollywood is run by Jews.

“Everybody knows” that Bernie Madoff was a Jew. Zero Hedge is a hugely popular forum for the financial industry, and discussions of Jewish fraud is open; attempts to silence discussion of Jews by the usual hand-wringing have not been successful. “Everybody knows” Goldman Sachs is a Jewish company.

The problem seems to be that there is no organized opposition to Jewish power. “White” is far too broad a category, and our traditional religion of Christianity is simply too universalist to serve as a counter “evolutionary strategy” (not to mention how Jewish it is). Of the Forbes 500 richest Americans, at least 60% or more are White, but the only example I can remember of any of them working together, sans Jews, would be Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and that was all personal, and even anti-White in the larger sense.

The implicity-near-explicitly White Republican party eagerly falls to their knees fawning over Jewish power and serves only to tamp down any anti-Jewish sentiment among the conservative rank-and-file, like their predecessors in the John Birch Society.

A while back The Occidental Observer talked a lot about Glenn Beck, who was hugely popular and went right up to the line discussing Jewish power—even going so far as to resurrect the notorious Cleon Skousen—but his fan base just seemed to be too dense to take the hint. The lump-fundies of the Evangelical right basically worship Jews and Israel, and the patriotard right wingers idolize the IDF and want nothing more than to join them in a world-wide counter-jihad against Israel’s enemies.

So it’s not even a lack of awareness, it’s more like Stockholm Syndrome. It’s as if Whites have fallen in love with a Jewess, and want nothing more than to gain her favor, even if it requires giving up their last shred of dignity.

Richard Pierce