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How should white revolutionaries behave after the Breivik affaire?

Just listen to the first 10 ½ minutes, and then the last 8 ½ minutes of today’s podcast by Harold Covington (here).

Yes: we had read thousands of words on the Breivik affaire. But in his recent podcasts Covington is the first nationalist I actually listen on the subject. He offers sound advice to potential revolutionaries, and it is always good for our morale to listen to his Radio Free Northwest.

3 replies on “How should white revolutionaries behave after the Breivik affaire?”

Until recently, I was what one might call “a hibernating white nationalist,” just getting on with my life. I found Harold Covington and the Northwest Front a few months ago, and I proceeded to read his novels, his websites, some of his other, non-fiction writings, and I listened to every podcast.

I concluded that the basic idea of the Northwest Imperative is sound. I was sold on it.

But before contacting the NF, I decided, for the sake of thoroughness and fairness, to give the so-called “goat dancers” a hearing. In particular, I read every article on the website, “Setting the Record Straight,” and I followed up all the links there.

Much of the material on that site seemed to be carping about minor personality flaws of Harold’s – analogous to the Catholic concept of venal sins (as distinct from mortal sins). No big deal, I said to myself, even if they were true.

But there are a few things I cannot get past:

1. The courtroom testimony to the effect that Harold passed information to the BATF that sent six of his NS comrades to prison, after the Greensboro incident. Harold might, I speculate, have been threatened with prosecution himself and offered a deal by the BATF. But still, that is both cowardly and heinous. More importantly, it is ominous for anyone who might contemplate associating with him today.

2. He has accused some White nationalist figures of crimes, without giving any evidence. In particular: That William Pierce was an FBI informant, that Ben Klassen was a pedophile and murderer, and that Will Wlliamson was both a wife-beater and “Joe Doe number 2” in the Oklahoma City bombing and a wife-beater. By the way, Will Williamson won a libel suit against Harold for the that last accusation. Making such claims while not giving any evidence to support them is itself criminal, heinous and cowardly. Again, it bodes ill for anyone considering associating with him.

Lastly, in light of the many accusations of Harold’s deceitfulness, I wondered about one thing in particular:

The “Draft Constitution”: Harold has said that it had input from a group of people including David Lane, Bob Mathews, and Bruce Pierce. All three men are (conveniently) dead, so one cannot confirm that claim directly with them. I tried to post a question to the Northwest Front forum asking for documentary evidence of their alleged input and the message never appeared. I conclude that there is a strong possibility that it is entirely Harold’s work.

Again, if the project relies fundamentally on lying to prospective members, then one would be a fool to join.

It’s a damn shame and I wish it weren’t so.

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